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Ever since its launch, the open source mobile app development SDK of Google called Flutter has been making waves in the world of Mobile Application Development.

As a sought-after Flutter App Development Company, the team from Pyramidion Solutions loves to innovative and bring unique ideas about providing the best digital experience for every one of its clients.

When it comes to anything regarding Flutter development, it is the cross-platform app developer base which Pyramidion Solutions holds in high regards. This is because they have a track record of developing advanced iOS and Android mobile applications in a short time frame for some big companies listed in our company portfolio.

Lovable UI, flexible APIs and even faster apps are just a few of what our Flutter Developers can accomplish for you.

Contact us immediately to hire Flutter developers who are dedicated only to achieve success for you. Then, at last, you will realize how effectively a perfect mobile application development project can be carried out.

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These days, app development agencies find themselves in a position of having to launch different apps every day in a restricted budget and time. So they are in need of cross-platform solutions to develop new mobile applications. Flutter is such a platform and can be of great help to these companies. It is very different from native iOS development and iOS developers must give a try.

Flutter: In a Nutshell

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK created by Google that helps developers to develop both Android and iOS apps. React Native was the most popular cross-platform solution among developers before the arrival of Flutter. So it might seem that they are both similar.

But Flutter has differentiated itself by gradually offering complete support of native features. That explains why big companies are embracing Flutter for mobile app development.

Given below is a discussion on how Flutter impacts the native iOS development and why iOS app developers should consider giving it a try.

Is Flutter a good platform to develop iOS apps in 2019

Not every iOS developer loves the experience of using native iOS development. Many find it restrictive and are longing for a new platform that makes the process of app development more fun.

Given below are points that explain how Flutter is better than native iOS development:

  1. Technical Structure

    Technical architecture of Flutter is highly different from native iOS development. Native iOS tools were secretly developed by Apple whereas Google developed Flutter as an open-source platform. Swift programming language is the single exception on Apple’s Github whereas Dart is a programming language built by Google which developers can use to write mobile apps code for Flutter. There is difference in terms of IDEs also. iOs developers do native iOS development in the Xcode whereas the Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea, or a text editor like Atom or Sublime Text is used to develop Flutter applications. Dart has awesome features like powerful typing, generics, a rich library, and async-await effective app building. However, the Dart system doesn’t have to communicate with the native modules. Dart provides the great tree shaking compiler that is able to record the required code for your application. It provides a rich library to select and use widgets from. In short, everything you require for native app development is provided by the Flutter platform.
  2. Quick Development Concept

    Flutter has many features that make app development faster. For instance, instead of using traditional compilers, you can use dynamic scripting languages to experience a faster performance of the compiled languages. You can use Dart as a programming language which has powerful features to aid app development. Dart can be used in two modes in Flutter– interpreted mode and compiled mode. Compiled mode is for compiling an application down to native machine code when you are about to launch the app. Before that, while developing, you can use interpreted mode which offer a great reload experience.
  3. UI factors

    Many iOS developers feel that UI development takes a lot of time. To rectify this problem, Flutter provides UI components that are quite different from the UIKit offered by the native iOS system. Flutter helps speeds up the development cycle by offering ‘widgets’. You can create a variety of complex, tricky UI using these pixel perfect widgets. In addition, they also support Cupertino for iOS and material design widget libraries for Android.
  4. Increased Productivity of Developers

    Any developer knows the importance of productivity especially those who have worked for a startup. Using Flutter for development can greatly increase your productivity. You don’t need to recompile as you can see the changes immediately after saving it. This is made possible by Google’s Hot Reload feature. Native iOS development requires Gradle, a tool which helps develop mobile apps but also disrupts quick development cycle. This is what makes the Hot Reload feature revolutionary. It helps developers make small significant changes quickly thus aids better collaboration between designers and developers.
  5. Solid Testing Support

    XCTest is a testing framework offered by Apple. It is used for UI testing, performance, integration, and unit of iOS applications. But this framework lacks some features like snapshot tests, the grouping of tests, and data-driven testing. There is no native support for mocking and stubbing in this framework and this makes UI testing difficult for the developer.
    Flutter, on the other hand, provides a great testing for developers. Its Widget testing feature helps to run UI tests quickly. An individual package called Flutter Driver, provided by Flutter, helps to run all these tests.
  6. CI/CD Assistance

    iOS applications are fast delivered with the aid of continuous integration and continuous delivery practices. Apple’s Xcode server enables constant integration and delivery of native iOS apps. But this server’s approach is not scalable for a broad team. Hence, Apple gained BuddyBuild but in the near future, native CI/CD support is required for the iOS apps. At present, developers use a blend of Jenkins and Fastlane for their in-house tasks or they outsource the same to the cloud vendors like Bitrise, Nevercode, CircleCI, Travis CI, etc.
    Google Flutter has tied up with Nevercode and has already declared their Codemagic CI/CD solution. Codemagic is developed by Nevercode which is a great CI/CD solution which can develop, detect, test, and package the Flutter applications without any configuration.
    Which One is The Winner?
    Flutter has the features that make it well suited for start-up companies developing apps. If you are working under time and budgetary constraints, Flutter should be your choice. Its highly influential clientele also makes developers choose this platform. Among native iOS development and Flutter development, there is no decisive winner. The best platform for your company completely depends on your budget limit, project and other relevant contexts.
    Flutter being a new platform is not perfect. But Flutter has many great features and apps developed with it look really slick and native. Hence Flutter is an ideal choice for any business wanting to develop their iOS app.