What Does Good Work Mean To You?

At Pyramidion, we ask this question a lot. We won't try to fit you in a standard frame. There's a role out here that feels fulfilling and lets you perform your best work. Let's explore that path together.

Where Skill Meets Challenge and Innovation

We are a full-stack product engineering company that is passionate about building world-class digital products. We are coders, designers, and growth hackers who love technology and a good challenge. We cherish knowledge, although you wouldn’t hear only ‘Geek’ and Latin near the water coolers. Some of us are infamous for our fun banter and dry humor. We seek to take individual ownership of work, while also valuing team ethos and collaboration.

If you are excited by the work we do and share the same keen passion for building quality digital products with a collaborative team, write to us.

A Culture That Seeks to Build and
Nurture Value-Driven Relationships

Even as the Pyramidion tribe gets bigger, our culture continues to stay relevant and inspire due to the core values it was conceived over: such as a progressive, inclusive workplace that rewards merit above all else, an atmosphere that seeks to continually encourage learning and growth, and a value-driven leadership that detests micro-management and seeks to instill a sense of pride and accountability over work in every team member.

We wouldn’t want to describe our tribe’s association with Pyramidion as ‘employment’. It’s a journey. A relationship. And a continuously evolving one at that.

Perks & Value-additions

At Pyramidion, we value individual growth, skill building and avenues for furthering self-development. We provide a host of progressive and purpose-filled benefits and encourage our people to be vocal about the opportunities they seek and interests they would like to explore.

We also nudge them to let their hair down once in a while and make memories, without crashing the servers, of course.

  • Personal mentoring programs and career growth charts
  • Financial planning programs
  • Self-development camps
  • Certification programs
  • Open-door policy
  • Team friendly practices such as catch-up calls, team engagements, etc.

Our Values

Pyramidion has grown manifold since its humble beginnings in 2013 with just 8 employees. Even as we stand strong as an 120+ member-strong tribe with several noteworthy projects to our name, our core values and principles continue to align us to the track of excellence that we envisioned when we started out.


A business is only as young as it is flexible. Be willing to experiment, try new permutations of skills or solutions and take the road less travelled to pursue excellence.


Every person working on a project should have the freedom to take ownership and find how they can best contribute, without getting bogged down with red tape or a narrow vision.

A Sense of Gratitude

A lot of factors have gotten us to where we are today--our team’s efforts, our clients’ trust, and the open-source contributions of several bright minds across the world. We owe them all.

Smart Work

Hard work and smart work are not mutually exclusive. Let the latter guide the former. Let efforts get focused in the right direction.

Do Work that Matters.
With a Team that

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