Is Less is Really More in UI/UX Design?-An Insight

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Nowadays, “Less is more” is perhaps one of the most frequently heard minimalist principles when we refer to minimalism in web design. In the contemporary web design, minimalism has cropped up again as a dynamic technique. Visual complexity can be considered as something that has a great impact on a user’s perception of a website.

In order to understand minimalism, we have to first comprehend what is non-minimalism on the website. There will be some websites where so much is going on. A person glancing at it will immediately tell that it is not minimalist.

What is a minimalist design?

Minimalist design concentrates on building attractive designs where there is little going on. Minimalist design makes the content shine. This is the exact reason a simple website design is the first choice of several creative-minded people. These people including writers, photographers, etc., prefer their content to be the cynosure of all eyes instead of design components formed by someone else.

Attention to the product or service

The major objective of any B2B website is to make the clients concentrate on the products or service. In 2019, when you want to enhance user engagement and gain more customers, minimalist design plays a major role. A minimalist design that doesn’t beat about the bush is effective and people will be awestruck by it. Only a handful of visitors have the patience to go through cluttered websites that are filled with information.

Readability has a huge impact on user experience

Flat designs are indeed a great choice. This can be attributed to the reason that readability enhances with flat designs. Moreover, it is also simple to create sites that are mobile responsive.

The highlight is on swift and mobile responsive sites

Several businesses who ignore the importance of quick and mobile responsive pages will realize its importance sooner. A difficult design and interface may not be simple to optimize for mobile devices. So the need is to adhere to only what is needed. Nowadays mobiles are taking over desktops for searches. So it goes without saying that a mobile responsive site is the need of the day.

Getting the essence of SERP right

We all know that the higher a page is ranked there is more chances of visitors coming to the website. However, we should also be aware that a page that loads slower will eventually rank lower on SERPs. Moreover, a page that is overloaded with design will load at a snail pace.

Bottom line

When you blend meaningful, well-designed layouts and UI elements with the powerful minimalist design, you will come up with an amazing design solution. However, don’t make the mistake of eliminating too many elements in your enthusiasm towards minimalism. So the key lies in adequate balance; discard the aspects that are not needed; at the same time maintaining sufficient parts for a design to help not only functioning in an efficient manner but also to give a pleasant experience to the users. So be meticulous in your decisions.

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