How To Solidify the User Retention Rate For Your Mobile App

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It is evident that a mobile app’s download rates are just one of the key metrics that define its success. Despite how appealing the concept of huge download rates might be, it is very important to take into account how many users are consistently engaged with your app. This is because that criterion is what that defines the revenue for a mobile app.

Thereby to get more ROI, the need of the hour is to do everything to enhance the app’s retention rate rather than focusing solely on getting more downloads.

The rule of thumb here is to quickly provide what exactly the user base wants. This is because in the end everything ultimately boils down to User Experience.

So let’s speak about what exactly influences the retention rate for any mobile app.

1. Quicker app loading times:

Users will definitely abandon an app should it take too long to load. This mandates that the app server has to be fine-tuned to offer exceptional performance. It is proven that if an app takes more than 2 seconds to load then the fate of the app is sealed in terms of user retention.

2. Incorporating a speedy and seamless and On-Boarding Flow:

It is evident that the info in a mobile app development  should help the user base in knowing what to expect yet at the same time not irritate them. This implies that the steps involved in balancing an application’s information must be strategized smartly.

Thereby the given mobile app must genuinely enlighten the user base about its productivity. In other words, the on-boarding experience ought to be short and sweet.

3. Refraining from the notion to force a user to sign up for a given mobile app:

This title itself is self-explanatory. Firstly allow your users to get an idea about your mobile app and its features. Then allow them to actually use it for a short while. Should they be enthralled with what the app has to offer, they will definitely get in contact with you. Being overhasty over here can be very detrimental for sure.

When the user is finally willing to sign up, the whole process must be short and very simplified. Incorporate the concept of app sign up by using popular social media channels. In addition, this process can be done by providing credentials like mobile number or email. Integrate auto complete and secure password saving features to finish this work quickly and effectively.

4. Including a state-of-the-art Search Box:

It is a fact that a given mobile app’s interaction is boosted significantly by how powerful the app’s search box feature actually is.

Ensure that the Search Box is very much visible on all the pages within the app. It should come with useful features like Auto Fills and Spelling Checkers. Further should the user not get any proper search result then make sure that the Search Box should only provide Suggestion based results as opposed to empty pages.

5. Offering great rewards for user loyalty:

It is indeed very benevolent to reward the users who have maintained steadfast loyalty towards your mobile app.
It could be done by offering reward points or by notifying them about some special deals. Soon enough they will end up as your brand advocates for sure.

6. Effectively dealing with Forms:

It is typical that everyone hates the concept of filling forms and typing in loads of information. So with respect to a mobile app, all the related forms have to be simple so that they can be filled up in the shortest time. The implementation of features including Autocomplete, placeholder texts, progress bars, and Visual Calendars can be very beneficial here.

Ending Lines:

Evident is the fact that smart retention practices can boost both your app’s popularity along with your ROI as well. All the aforementioned points can ensure immense success for your app in the long run.

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