How a Good UX and UI Designer Can Transform Your Products

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People often focus only on the development side of the process, but for an application to have satisfying user experience, it is essential to concentrate on the UI/Ux. The humans are attracted to the visuals more than the text, so a good layout and frameworks will get more people to download the applications.
The Role of the UI/UX Designers
The primary role of the UX designer is to make a layout for the applications. Based on the product, users, and market trends, the designers should be able to build aesthetically pleasing application layouts and frameworks. Before the development stage, the designers’ needs on focus on designing the user flow of the application, framework and user interface designs.
Therefore hire a good UI and UX designer to develop your application. It is essential to inform the designers about the problems, budget and the competition of the product so that they will create a unique and innovative design layout.
Communication with the Designer
It is vital to have excellent communication with your designers. Before asking them to start the project works, it is your job to make them understand the project requirements and expectations. The UX designers have more technical tasks than the UI designer; they have to interpret the user requirements and market trends to design an excellent layout that guarantees good user experience.
To make all the above things possible, the company should communicate and talk openly about the project requirements, the budget of the projects, delivery date, competitor analysis, and brand value, and so on.
Define the Project Specifications
For a designer to thoroughly understand the project, it is essential to give them full insights on client requirements and market requirements. To specify, these three things are necessary to explain to the designers adequately, and those three things are the purpose, target audience and our unique solution.
The purpose of the project will allow them to know what problems we are going to solve through this application; the analysis on the target audience is essential to know for whom they are creating the layouts. Finally, what’s the solution that our team came up with to solve this particular problem. Therefore project discovery is an essential phase for the designers.
Research and Analysis
After establishing goals and specifications, now it’s time for some research and analysis. Every project needs to start with research, or they are chances it will fail miserably. The UX designers are just going to create layouts, but the research and analysis are crucial for them, too, the UX can make or break the entire project.
Basically, research involves going through competitor analysis, market research, user reviews and feedback, similar applications, platform analysis. The purpose of this research and analysis is to help the designers to get more information about the market trends and understand the project needs better.
Goals and Tasks
After all the research and analysis, the next step is to divide the tasks based on the user goals and product tasks. The user goals involve things like login/signup or anything that is user-specific tasks. The separation of user goals and product tasks will give the idea about the basic layout designs.
After sorting user goals, now it’s time to create product tasks such as dashboards, posting something, messaging, and notifications, etc.
Final Steps
The final step is to create a final outline of the projects after defining the user goals and tasks. It will be easier to create a layout catering to business needs and requirements. Finally, the designer will have the product flow of the project that is the sitemaps and frameworks.
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Monish Sinthala is the CEO of one of the prominent mobile app development companies, Pyramidion Solutions. The company is committed to providing sophisticated and exceptional mobile application solutions and has a skilled set of professional developers and UI/UX designers that fulfil business and market needs.

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