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The developer community prefers the Hybrid/Cross-Platform app development platforms including Flutter. The application of the code on various platforms saves time, decreases errors, reduces costs, and allows rolling of all updates at once.

Big businesses and startups utilize flutter. Some of the most reputed and used apps of the world comprise Google Ads and Alibaba. For the uninitiated, there are also various other Flutter apps that are dependent on Dart and Flutter and offer a world-class user experience.


This is a multi-platform application and has its core on the Dart language. Both iOS and Android versions consist of a single code base for the entertainment app. The application consists of excellent offline behavior too, applies the transition images, and includes a redux setup.


The primary application and objective of the app is to make ready individuals for interviews. It has several features that are unique and boosts the usefulness of the app.


You is an excellent app that anyone can utilize to manage and access data. The data that Google, Facebook and Twitter store about you can be conveniently downloaded through the app.

Trinity College Orientation App

This app for the first-year students of the college has a plethora of attractive features. It provides the users map to know exactly where they are at present and want to go. It consists of a total display of the events of the week.

Platypus Crypto

This app is to follow the cryptocurrency assets and is quite robust and high performing. It can run on several platforms comprising Android and iOS and doesn’t consist of ads.

Weight Tracker

This app assists us in maintaining weight. The app keeps you updated with your weight loss goals and offers constant and anytime monitoring.


The app helps you to form and share digital content. Users can browse the new interface and can develop a page of themselves quickly.

SpaceX Go

This app has details about vehicle launches and presents amazing single-handed user experience. One can view all the upcoming and past launches.

Beer Me Up

This application is a personal app where you can record your beer use. You can create a profile where the various kinds of beers you had are listed, as per their names. The app user will gain points when he/she takes a new beer.


This is the Flutter version of the Cinematic app. The latest movies are present on the app, and you can also favorite them.


This is a lifestyle app and deals with mindfulness and personal digital journal. The app also applies artificial intelligence and can assist users in building stories. There are also advanced statistics available.

Birch Finance

This is a financial app and assists you to control your existing credit cards better. It is an excellent way to gain maximum rewards.

Hamilton Musical

This Hamilton app is meant for the most popular Broadway shows. It can be applied to enter the ticket lottery, take selfies, etc.


It is to utilize and control the various social media accounts under one app.

SG Bus Tracker

This app is helpful for those in Singapore who use buses for regular or other commutes and travels. You can locate all the bus stands/stops in the vicinity through a single glance


This is a highly innovative app that comes under the health and fitness category. Users can key in and keep track of the amount of water they consume through this app.

Pairing (for Singles)

This is a dating app present on the Apple App store and Google Play store. It is a highly intuitive app to identify the most meaningful relationships.


The Flutter apps are carving a niche, provide robust performance, and offer friendly user interfaces.

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