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Developing an app is a challenging activity. It is rising quickly because of the mobile phones diffusion, reputation among end-users, and growing business requirements. Well, what forms the main difference between Android and iOS development? Here we list down the main differences so that you can clear the questions of confused clients.

Programming language

Android apps are developed chiefly with Java and Kotlin. iOS apps are developed with Swift. The primary difference between the two programming languages is: iOS app development with Swift needs less code. Therefore the project takes less time. Swift also lets high-interaction interfaces, but it is platform-limited. With the help of Java, you can perform server work and web development besides mobile app development. So you need to consider these aspects too in the development of your app.

Uniqueness of design

iOs app development is known for its design strategy. iOS design guidelines are different from Android designs by being developed for limited variations of screen size and resolutions, present for a smaller number of devices. Android developers should be flexible in applying their design approach for each device and screen size.

Navigation is essential for forming flow and flawless application usage. Good navigation also leads to high conversion rates. Therefore, ensure that you give importance to navigation too while developing an app.

Complexity of development

Apple has a limited range of devices which run iOS, while Android-driven devices have a vast spectrum of systems that function on devices. Resultantly, the Android-based gadget creation is more complicated, goes slower because of a broad range of operating systems concerning the iOS-driven gadget with a narrow range of OS. The different screen sizes and systems that function on devices should also be considered.


The success lies in pulling the essential demographics initially and developing your app as per the characteristics of the users whose concern you are trying to fix or whose requirements you are trying to satisfy.

Development speed

Android-based platform development is more time-consuming and slow concerning OS fragmentation. So consider this factor also.


When choosing a platform to develop a mobile app, there are certain factors that you should give importance. We have outlined the significant factors to elucidate the difference between Android and iOS platforms. The vital thing is to evaluate the components that differentiate these two platforms and regard them when contemplating on the app for your business.

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