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Why On-Demand Technology is the future of Real Estate Industry

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Traditionally before the advent of technology, everything was operating on a manual basis which had its own huge collection of disadvantages. Let’s now speak about the integration of technology and a particular sector – Real Estate sector. This sector faces several problems when operated in a manual mode.

Speaking of Real Estate its future will be very much better when integrated with the On-Demand related technology. This article will elucidate regarding the aforementioned sentence on how exactly that technology is being very beneficial for the Real Estate industry.

Buying/Selling when it comes to properties is not that simple. Further, there is a mandatory need to find a trustworthy agent and/or a broker. It may seem to be a gamble when it comes to business. The old methods in one word are no good anymore and this could very well leave a bad future for this industry. This is exactly the time where mobile app development comes into the picture as a savior with the concept called On-Demand.
In On-Demand everything is done in an instant and there is no scope to wait at all. 50% of all the buyers in the Real-estate industry found what property they needed via the online mode and just 28% of buyers preferred the traditional/offline method.

Agents can be found online thanks to the On-Demand technology and everything is now only a click away. Every related thing can be found online at any time/anywhere.

The advantages of On-Demand technology for the Real Estate Industry are explained in detail below-
(i) All the agents and brokers can find customers online rather than using futile traditional methods. These on-demand apps can enable realtors to sign up and enhance their businesses Rather than buyers and sellers chasing to get agents. It happens in the vice-versa where Agents engage in a competition to get more prospective clients.
(ii) On-Demand removes the need for brokers from the picture comprising of buyers and sellers. Both parties can directly interact via chatbots.
(iii) With On-Demand technology everything is done online and thereby the buying/selling is now very time effective and simple. Further, there is no need to pay huge commissions seeing that there is no need for a mediator. The only cost will be associated with the buying/selling price.
(iv) These On-Demand apps can help the customers to go and see a property without the need for an on-site agent and the benefit here is that the buyers can visit the sites whenever they want and they can make the purchase if they are content with everything.

Some areas where this On-Demand Technology can be potentially used include digitalizing of everything, being used as a Space-as-a-service model and the integration of AR technology.

However, there are some Challenges associated with the On-Demand technology in Real Estate Industry which is (i) being disadvantageous for the homeowners groups (ii) Not ensuring the safety for Buyers and the (iii) Lack of trust in the Agents.

Thanks to the potential of the On-Demand technology, it has been embraced by almost all the industrials, and they are benefitting immensely by it. This applies to the Real Estate industry as well where On-demand can alter its future to be very bright and shining.

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