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More Than 100+ Successful Features

Sign up instantly with Social Media Accounts

Now users can register with less effort and time via their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and more. Gone are the days where users were forced to encounter longer sign up processes. This will improve the prospects of user enrollment.


Elimination of Language barriers

Users from any part of the globe can shop without hassles in the form of languages. We have implemented more than hundreds of different language support to bring people closer to us and give them a unique experience.

Payment via different currencies

There are several currency payment options which are merged with the store and this facilitates ease of payment for users from all around the world . Users don't have any hassles related to payment.

Limitless products & categories

A large number of products can be integrated into the site thanks to the Magento platform. Further managing the products has never been this simple !. Customers are sure to get enthralled.

Faster and easier checkout

Gone are the days where customers had to fill up many pages to checkout any item. In our store we offer checkout completely integrated into a single page, to ease the users in performing the task instantly and efficiently.

Augmenting customer retention

The eCommerce site can be spiced up by user ratings and reviews, where when a product is critically acclaimed it leads to excellent customer loyalty. Thus the brand’s name and reputation is boosted further.

Manage your offers efficiently

When users places an order, you are apprised. The orders can be properly structured into various statuses like new, waiting, in process and finished as well. Invoices pertaining to the orders can be efficiently managed as well.

Manage your offers efficiently

When users places an order, you are apprised. The orders can be properly structured into various statuses like new, waiting, in process and finished as well. Invoices pertaining to the orders can be efficiently managed as well.

Customized URLs to add to the value

The presence of personalized URLs for every page is feasible thanks to the potential of Magento Platform. The URLs can be user friendly which impacts the customers positively and the keywords associated boost the status of the site.

Enterprise Business analysis.

When Google Analytics is incorporated with the site, the prospects of the enterprise can be gauged where useful information like the number of visitors, the various conversion rates and such are calculated. From the resultant data, the enterprise stratagems for the future can be formulated and implemented.

Personalized offers and services to customers

It has been analyzed that almost 68% of store customers desire to get details via emails. Thus customized services are provided to the customers by automatic mails and the current happenings, trends and offers are provided in the site which help in augmenting the user group.

Efficiently Manage your Stocks

Management of stocks via Magento has never been this easy. The stock data emerging from various warehouses which are located in several places can be managed and if in case any stock data passes below a threshold, stock alert messages will be sent immediately to you.

Expanding the reach of assistance to users

Customer data is supervised and managed from the admin panel. Customer groups can be created where long lasting and faithful customers are integrated in the specific group and in any special occasions they are provided with gift cards and discount related cards.

Unveiling and grasping the attention of products by customers

Displaying the products in an neat efficient way as groups circumvents confusions. Featured is the methodology to integrate several groups for a product. Thanks to the robust nature of Magento, categories can be added, edited and modified. Featured also is the process to integrate several products into a specific category.

Simplified yet beneficial Shipping alternatives

From the admin panel, the shipping procedures are modified. You can be able to monitor from which warehouse the product has been shipped along with the destination address as well. This is made possible thanks to Magento. Further sending products to various destinations, modifying the charges incurred and lots more can be done.

Eliminating Tax related concerns

Due to the important aspect of taxes in any business, the Magento platform enables the taxes and fee charges related to the location in the world. Irrespective of the nature of the tax, Magento features the convenience aspect related to it.

Managing invoices efficiently

A brand new invoice template can be generated by using a HTML counterpart. This is aided by the Magento platform. Featured is that the tally and bills can be generated in any language which Magento supports. They can be conveyed to the customers as a mail.

Reach out to Mobile Users

We also provide enchanting and responsive themes which are crafted with care beforehand and the users of smartphones, the tablets and the such are ascertained to be fascinated. The aforementioned designs contribute to boosting page rankings.

Customized Admin Panel Daashboard

Admin has its own dashboard where alerts related to a brand new item addition or seller addition request apart from a plethora of other features are incorporated. The executives/ admin can be made aware of the latest happenings and can manage the ratings and feedbacks associated with any product.

Quick and reliable commission sharing

A commission calculator without any manual consent divides the profit among the concerned people. Thus this results in conservation of a lot of time and assets involved in this venture.

Precise Product Comparison uniqueness

Usually visitors face the issue of trying to distinguish products especially when there are products which resemble one another coming from various brands. Over here the feature to clearly define the differences between products effectively is implemented.

Greater attention and exposure to products with discounts

Featured is a page devoted to featuring the products which have deals . This enable the site visitors to perceive such products in a short time. Also incorporated is the time duration of such deals.

Featuring a Dashboard specifically designed for Sellers

Devoted is a dashboard especially for the sellers who can make use of it to analyze the sales and other related aspects of the products like the settlement log and history. They can also tweak with the review and rating options by activating and deactivating them.

All That You Need For eCommerce

Includes web, mobile commerce, social commerce & delivery app

Designing features packed website

  • Wholly personalizable and supports 3rd party integrations
  • Very much supportive related to social media and search engines
  • Featuring Amazon cloud and committed servers
  • Dashboards generated for the Admin and sellers to gauge the analytics involved related to sales.
  • Adaptability and scalability to define the various rates
  • Pages dedicated to sellers and personalized URLs for the various stores.

An high class purchasing mobile app for the online ecommerce store

  • Native apps designed for iOS, Android and Windows platforms
  • Customizing the mobile app based on the desires
  • Jam packed with more than 100 attributes
  • Various features including Push Notifications, Geo Locations and lots more
  • Integrated with several languages, currency and payment support
  • Compatible with Magento, PrestaShop and more

Marketing the brand to more people around the globe

  • Recreating the store on Facebook, Pinterest and others is feasible
  • Logins and registrations via social sites to augment customer subscriptions
  • Displaying user comments on social media sites
  • Effective integration between the social media stores and eCommerce site
  • Reports to predict and gauge the sales details and other requirements
  • Sustenance provided to various payment gateway incorporations.

Being updated regarding delivery in real time

  • Authorized delivery from the existing resources
  • Monitoring everything from pickup to delivery
  • On Demand delivery notification for customers.
  • Implementing Geolocation and GPS related to real time tracking
  • Availing user reviews to gauge the execution standards
  • Distinct delivery status notification on phasely manner

Design Rich eCommerce Experience

Providing a content rich eCommerce encounter to get the needed results incorporated with fascinating User Interface and User Experience
  • Developing brands
  • More customer involvement and engagement
  • Greater Conversions

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Reports and Research

All at the reach of your fingers to strategize important enterprise schemes
Time to Purchase Report
Commodity Report
Custom Periods Report
Transaction Report
Commodity Transaction Report
Shipment Report

Integrate with cloud !

Integrate your store with Amazon Cloud in a short span of 5 minutes !
Simplicity to manipulate
Very much Pliable
Cost friendly
Great execution and Adaptability
Well fortified

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

Case Studies

Exhaustive collection of more than 100+ features

  • sCMS incorporation
  • Product Analysis Management
  • Google Analysis Incorporation
  • Multi Layered browsing facility
  • Alerts related to Orders
  • Screenshots of several products
  • Checkout for Visitors
  • Inventory Administration
  • Tax Statements
  • 100 % Editable and Personalized Design
  • Checkout in a single page
  • Breadcrumb browsing
  • Commodities observed the most
  • CAPTCHA service integration
  • Monitoring the position of the Order.

Promoting Sales with Digital Marketing

  • SEO

    Implementing the Search Engine Optimization technology to feature your keywords in the top ranking positions, grading web pages and for instantaneous indexing

  • Deals and Offerings

    Enthralling customers and converting visitors into customers by various deals

  • Directing Schemes

    Convert shoppers into associates by developing affiliate schemes and promote sales strongly

  • Google Adwords and PPC Branding

    Positioning the web pages in a niche and advantageous locations via paid branding schemes

  • Email Crusades

    Enthralling faithful customers and the people who deserted your store by providing email - specific personalized recommendations.

  • Social Media Awareness

    Marketing and enchanting millions of prospective customers by creating awareness of the store via social media and channels

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General questions

  • What are the payment gateways which is incorporated to design an eCommerce website?
    We have incorporated the typical Payment Gateways comprising of Paypal, Authorize. Net to name a few and we suggest the same for our clients. All payment gateways are integrated with the help of Magento into thestore
  • Are services related to performance optimization provided?
    Performance Optimization is a vital aspect of our services. We feature a well expertised team well imbibed with info from several performance optimization ventures/ tries and also requirement data specifically related to eCommerce enterprise owners. We offer a plethora of techniques to optimize the functioning by Sprite Image, Content Delivery Network, Full page Cache and the such.
  • Can 3rd party extensions be incorporated with my eCommerce Store?
    Being a well seasoned eCommerce agency we do integrate third party extensions on the condition they are from Magento. Many clients have availed us to integrate the process when a eCommerce website is being built by us has it needs some technical proficiency. Third party extension incorporation is a regular aspect related to our services.
  • Can my eCommerce website be strong to tackle large traffic?
    Typically the eCommerce sites experience heavy traffic which could lead to lags and crashes. We integrate Amazon Cloud Server solutions in our services where the associated team launches your store on the cloud. Cloud Servers are typically well capable to help your site manage large traffic.