Reason Behind Skype’s Application to Adopt React Native

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The app market is evolving, and new apps are launching based on customers’ preferences. Besides, the developers get vast pressure to bring innovation into the app. In that, React Native gained immense popularity and was chosen by brands.  If you want to build an app by React native model, consider hiring an expert team of app developers in Toronto.  Native is the wide position of apps in the market. As we already learned, Native apps tend to devise separately for distinct platforms. 

Many developers in the corner of the world still prefer Native apps. It is always a valuable point for a business to optimize the proper mobile app framework. The famous brand Skype has employed React Native to build its app with the mandated features. This article will cover why Skype prefers a Native framework for its app. Let’s get started.

#1 What Is the Reason For Skype to Engage React Native Framework?

Meta platforms developed React Native, decisive for building intuitive and efficient mobile apps. It has gained an enormous spark among enterprises mainly for its cross-app development feature. Based on the data, it is achieved over 81.3% success rate compared to other frameworks worldwide. It also acts as a time-saver guard to build apps using a single codebase. The main goal is to learn once and write anytime to avoid writing native components separately on platforms. 

JavaScript is the language used in the React Framework. It contains a library that supports distinct features to optimize in building apps. If you want to build Native apps for your enterprise, consider getting service from a prominent mobile app development company in Toronto. Many brands utilized the power and capability of React Native, yet Skype had a prime position. 

Skype aims to connect people worldwide via one app; React aims to develop mobile apps with one code to launch on all devices without interruption. Skype employed React Native and built a video conferencing app successfully found on all devices. The tie-up has created a vast transition in the digital world and acts as a win-win situation.

#3 What Are the Brands That Build Mobile Apps With React Native?

  • Discord: Discord has been utilizing React Native since it became open source. React’s adoption has helped Discord bring unique and additional features to its app. Still, their team tends to work hard to bring the unique feature to their app and roll out its updates to the consumers.
  • Pinterest: With the help of React framework, Pinterest built their app in just a couple of days and launched it to people. Even the developer’s team from Pinterest mentioned they had no difficulty using the React native framework. It made them work smoothly without any pressure while building the Android version.
  • Instagram: There is no big surprise that Instagram is a famous social media platform owned by Meta. They made a massive change in their apps in the features and more in Android and iOS with the help of it.
  • Facebook Ads Manager: Since React Native is their product Facebook. They need to be the first example to the world by encouraging their product. They optimized the features with React Native by focusing on UI design and shifts in their application.

What Are the Benefits Faced by Skype Since Choosing React Native?

Let’s break the ice on how Skype aided by choosing React Native for its app.

  1. Cross-App Platform Development

The first and foremost feature of React helps companies is cross-app development. Enterprises can only build on one platform if their expenses cross their budget. Now it’s utterly reliable by creating apps for every device using a single code. 

The cross-app mainly benefits startups for building apps on multiple devices. With the help of a cross-app platform, Skype can quickly launch its app to the world without any delay. Launching apps may take time, but cross-app covers the hazards for Skype.

  1.  Single Code Base

It helps you to build mobile apps using single code using JavaScript language. The development process eased for the companies using the same native elements for every platform. Skype got quickly built by developers with the help of the reusability of code. 

  1. Budget Friendly

React Native is valuable for small-scale enterprises, yet many big enterprises have come forward to adopt it into their apps. The framework has saved over 35-40% of the cost since it has a reusable code structure. It has a library of advanced features, prebuilt components, and more, drastically reducing companies’ development costs.

  1. Friendly User-Experience

Investing in designing a mobile app is more than the cost because the amount can be recovered or earned, but customer value matters. React Native offers customized features with an intuitive user interface. It also helps the developer team build with their library tools to enhance their apps’ smooth and pleasant user experience. If your business requires React Native features, consider getting service from Toronto app developers.

  1. Integration of Third-Party Plugins

React Native supports enterprises to integrate third-party plugins to automate the process and reduce the developer’s work. It adopts Javascript language in building efficient mobile apps. To swiftly build an app like Skype, recruiting third-party plugins powered by React Native is essential.

  1. Access to React Native Features

Since React has many features and tech elements as a library, it also gives access to their additional Native features. It includes GPS, gestures, a camera, Offline working, and notifications. 


Skype is an example that Integration of React Native can give a huge victory to your business in building apps. Also, the framework covers many benefits like Native features, code reusability, cross-app development, and more. It is required to have colossal planning and choose a framework that suits your project, even if it is a React native.

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