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Mobile app security a major threat that stops many users to trust any application. As per reports, more than 93% of the web applications are sorted out to provide security weakness or flaws that anyone can exploit. This sort of situations showcases why it is important to focus on mobile application security. As most of the developers concentrate on enhancing the functionality and designing an attractive user interface, many app developers ignore the aspect of implementing security. Security is one of the major parts that should be planned at the initial stage of mobile app development.

Some of the common mobile app security issues are broken cryptography poor authorisation, unintended data leakage, and improper handling of sessions. From the security mentioned above issues, the most common issue is data leakage which happens due to the storage of app information at unsecured locations. Storing the data in common locations where other apps can access your application information is one of the major reasons for data leakage.

Simple steps to control mobile app security issues
Every business needs to have a proper strategy to safeguard their mobile application from the security breach. Here, we have categorised the major strategies to implement in mobile application development to maintain high security.

Protect your network
Network connectivity is the first thing to look into for mobile application security. To protect your applications from unauthorized access it is essential to protect the cloud servers that are accessed by APIs. There are many penetration testers available on a freelance basis, you can hire them and check the vulnerabilities of the location, and they can offer solutions to get rid of it.

Another best method of protecting your data is to encrypt the database with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Be careful with API
Application programming interfaces (API) are used for the interaction of mobile applications with each other. Hackers can easily attack the APIs, so it is necessary to secure them. Use authorized APIs in the application development to protect the data in your applications and embed your API gateway to strengthen your API security.

Encrypt your local information
In most cases, hackers target to attack data stored in the local storage, so it is essential to protect the locally-stored data by encrypting the data and avoid affecting the end-user experience. App developers are recommended to design mobile applications in such a way that the user’s confidential and sensitive data are not stored in the local devices. In any case, if the app requires the application to be stored in a local device, then make sure that the data are stored in the encrypted version.

Other than this, it is advised to create a checklist that sorts out all the possible threats that can occur like data leakage, server-side controls, data transmission, and authentication to find out the possible ways for the security breach. It is recommended to stay updated with the technologies used in cybersecurity to protect your application. And, you can approach the best mobile app development companies in the city and develop a secured mobile application for your business.

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