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Currently, every digital enterprise wants its own photo-sharing app so that it can to earn revenue in the millions.

The motivator behind this is no doubt the social media app called Instagram.

Statistics indicate Instagram having over 1 billion active users and on a daily basis, approximately 95 million posts are being shared.

The app’s meteoric rise to fame is due to the innovation it put in making everyone powerfully enthralled with it. No doubt you surely want your own photo-sharing app now!

So let’s start the topic on how to build a photo-sharing mobile App like Instagram.

Firstly let’s speak about what Instagram does as a mobile app.

It is known widely as a photo-editing app that has cool filters with which anyone can edit their pictures. Here you can capitalize cleverly by adding ads to every user’s feed. However, it can also be used as a platform where you can showcase all your products to the enthralled user base and get even more additional income. Also, it can be used as a direct messaging app where you can get bonded with other users through emojis, chats or by sharing pictures.

Let’s get moving and discuss the mandatory features that make up a Photo-sharing App like Instagram:

One important reason for Instagram’s great fame is due to its robust user-friendly features which proved that the business is serious in prioritizing its user base. Below mentioned are some important features that you have to definitely consider.


A Quick Sign up:

An app’s registration screen can easily tell if a user will be either impressed or unimpressed with the application. It is wise not to overload the users with pages that require something to be submitted for registration.

You can combine the sign-up process with a social media login to simplify and speed up the entire process. A good exemplar here is using Facebook. You can additionally develop cross-platform advertisements here for greater benefits.


Social Media Integration:

Let’s bring back good old Facebook to explain this with fun. If you integrate your photo-sharing app with Facebook, all the photos posted on the app can be shared with other social media platforms that quickly.

You have got the much-needed promotion for your app and the user experience is boosted tremendously.


Cross-platform Compatibility:

A photo-sharing mobile app like Instagram can’t run all sorts of computers. However, you can get a web equivalent of your app coded. This fully functional web app can be fine-tuned to make your computer webcam to take photos and the subsequent steps are similar to what you did in its mobile version.


Push Notifications:

Speaking of social media apps, every user is curious to know every latest update regarding other users. Use Push Notifications for achieving this.

When a given user uploads a photo or posts something, others are notified, and they come back to spend more time online in the app.



In the world of social media platforms, Stories have earned the reputation of being that captivating as user-generated content. For every story posted, a push notification is sent to everyone.

The time period before every Story disappears can also be changed.

There is also the exciting option of using direct messages inside every Story.


Search option:

With this important feature, the user base can smartly search other people, locations or tags. The suggestions provided in the search results are also very helpful.

The search results can also help users gain a lot of information regarding their followers and a given user’s feed can be filled with the updates of all his/her followers.


GPS Integration:

In social media, people often want to update their followers about their current location. Thereby for appeasing your user base, it recommended having a dynamic GPS feature. Users can add their location either manually or automatically.



This is split into two types.

In the first one, a given user can get some suggestions about whom to follow and how exactly the user can track all his activities. The second category deals with sharing a detailed outlook on what the user’s followers are up to.

Now that you very well understand the reasons behind the stupendous success of Instagram, how exactly can you rise to the top in the photo-sharing application market that is currently dominated by other competitors?

It is by developing your app with user-engagement as the main priority. It is after all engagement which is the deciding factor for your earnings. If people are captivated for a longer stretch then all your revenues will skyrocket as well.

Some mandatory tips that you should know before you jump into the mobile application development include neat UI/UX designs, charming visuals, smooth flowing navigation, a highly personalized feed and providing the simplicity for users to do photo/video sharing. However, everything will be effective only if the entire development work is planned well in advance and that includes your business goal. Start by adding simple features and then slowly introduce the advanced ones into the application. After that is done the focus should be shifted to augmenting the brand awareness for the app by targeting the various age-demographics.

Now that we have given a taste of what has to be done to carry out the development of your Instagram like Photo Sharing App, you will surely be worried about how much it will cost right?


Let’s get to that in detail by speaking about some key factors-

(i)The features in the app can be basic (less priced) or a combination of simple and advanced(somewhere in the middle in terms of pricing) or highly advanced (expensive). Thereby the cost is impacted by the features you want in the app.

(ii) Coming to OS selection, every OS has its own pros and cons. However, the choice of OS solely depends on the target audience of yours along with their preferred devices as well. So at times, you have to launch the app on both the platforms.

(iii)You have to think wisely to go for either Native or Hybrid App Development

(iv) If you don’t have a development team with the needed expertise then you have no option other than outsourcing. Thoroughly research every company including the price they charge with development and then make your final call.

All these points can give some idea for the cost involved in the entire development work.


Ending Lines:

We are now sure that everything was covered neatly and that you are all set to get your own revenue generating photo-sharing app developed.


Author Bio:

Instagramcloneapps is a company that primarily deals with developing highly customized clone apps. If you want to get a mobile app that is similar yet more advanced than Instagram, you can reach us out with all your exact requirements, and we will give a genuine cost estimate to get things done well enough for you. To know more visit our website

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