Cost of Hiring App Development Companies in Chennai

Cost of Hiring Top Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai

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Businesses worldwide are striving to hire app developer in Chennai with impeccable knowledge, experience, and the skill required to build their prestigious mobile applications. Given the enormous expansion and growth offered by these apps for businesses, this has become a vital part of businessmen’s lives. Not just the technologies, the customer expectations are also evolving and increasing in demand as the tech years pass. This is the major reason for the emergence of mobile app development companies in Chennai. 

The top mobile app development companies in Chennai have developers of great skill sets. We dive deep into this expansion.

The year 2020 witnessed extensive digitization because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the numerous lockdowns followed by it. According to a source, there were 250 million app downloads between the years 2019-2020, out of which 218 million downloads belong to 2020. The number that has been attained right now might have taken two or three years to reach if not for the pandemic. 

People have turned tech-savvy, and they are always looking forward to new apps that can make their lives entertaining and easier. In parallel, there are also many mobile apps that are being developed every day. 

From a business perspective, all that entrepreneurs need is high-quality apps at a reasonable cost. Regardless of the business domains like healthcare, logistics, or entertainment, the business owners want the app development agency to provide an app that contains all their specifications. And we already know that based on the domain, requirements, and agency, the cost will also differ. Especially, when you collectively take the list of mobile app development companies in Chennai and measure their cost estimation, variation is greatly evident. This cost estimation is not all about hourly rates or time. 

So, this blog will help you with insights on how mobile app developers in Chennai can charge for developing your custom web software, iOS app, or Android app. Let’s analyze them in detail now. 

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Facets that contribute to the cost

As mentioned earlier, there is more to the cost estimation that just does not concern app development duration and hourly rates. There are also other things like the complexity of the product, post-release support expenses, etc. 

#1 Mobile app development platform

If you choose to build a mobile app you have to decide which platform you are trying to build your app for. This can be for Android, iOS, cross-platform or hybrid apps. For every platform you develop your app for, the cost might vary largely. As a beginner, if you are trying to build a native app or an exclusive app for either iOS or Android platform, then you should hire a developer who has good experience in creating these apps. For native app development, it might take a longer development time and cost. Whereas for cross-platform app development, the cost is less expensive and time-consuming. 

#2 App development complexity

The app development complexity is mostly based on features that can decrease the integration possibility. There are also other technically complex elements such as backend development, integrations, and multi-device support. Because of those, your development might take a longer duration or a grander cost. 

  • Backend development is a very crucial part of your app since it holds everything to make your app reliable and accessible instantly. Say for instance if you want to develop a grand social media app, and for a second, millions of users will be sharing media, and information. In those scenarios, your app should function smoothly. This calls for more time on designing and building a complex app architecture. For this, you need professionals who have experience and knowledge about different programming languages, which will again require your investment. 
  • Integrations based on your niche or third-party integrations can both boost your app’s functionality and complicated documentations. Therefore this will take additional time, and duration, again the cost to develop it. 
  • You need to assure whether your web or mobile app supports all the devices respectively. Failing to give attention to this might let you end up losing potential customers. Make sure your app is compatible with the operating system like iOS or Android or browsers’ latest versions. It’s up to you to specify exact versions to be supported or you can also choose to develop your app for popular devices only. This might also lower the development cost considerably.   

Also, if you are developing a custom user interface for your app, then it might be complex to implement them. The same goes for having animations. 

#3 Post-launch costs

The app development cost is not solely dependent on the programming and integrations. As much as a concept needs to be turned into an app, the app should always make progress. This is where the challenge lies. An app needs updates, good customer service, legal compliance, and marketing campaigns to support its growth. Every step of these is important since your app cannot practically run and grow your business all by itself. Pay heed to the app support expenses as well. 

#4 Skill and experience level

The top mobile app development companies in Chennai have developers of great skill sets. When it comes to app development, there will be so many decisions about the technologies, structures, and programming languages to be used. In those cases, you could only rely on developers who have experience in developing such apps. Because there are many chances that proficient developers can add value to your app. Depending on the app developers, their expertise, and different obligations the cost might change accordingly. 

What is the cost to develop a web or mobile app?

The app development cost revelation cannot happen on just short notice once you fill in your details. And there is also no real cost calculator for mobile app development. Usually, any cost of developing a mobile app or web app is based on the number of hours. The hourly rate of most of the top mobile app development companies in Chennai is $20 to $30. Also, it depends on the difficulty of the functionality of the app. Let’s divide them into a simple app, middling complexity, and high complexity app. The difference in them will be feature integrations. Let’s look at them in detail.  

Simple- This app will have all the major functionality that is found in other similar apps of its niche. An app like this will have basic UI components and a normal interface. Startups can leverage simple apps to start off and then expand them based on their growth. 

Middling complexity- The middling complexity app is an upgraded version of a simple app, where you can find custom UI components and features that could enhance the operations. Say analytics, or accessibility to data, depending on the domain of the app. If a real estate app, it can have different user roles, and CRM integration, etc. 

Highly complex app- It will contain all the advanced tools which will be suitable for businesses with a high number of customers. This will be suitable for enterprises that already have established a niche for themselves. 

How to choose the right app developer?

There are more than hundreds of app developers available and there might be doubt lingering in the back of your mind on how to choose the right one. So, the short route and smart way are to pick a company that has expertise in the industry that your app targets. Such companies will have both experience and resources needed to finish your project within the deadline. 

Make sure that you:

  • Do an online research
  • Search the company’s portfolio 
  • Check out client reviews 
  • Concentrate on app quality over price
  • Survey the developers’ skills

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Closing thoughts 

While choosing your app development partner, instead of blindly choosing one, you should be aware of your niche and requirements. If you are covered and cleared about the definite parameters that go into your app, then there’s no big deal in choosing the best partner. You can reach out to experts from Pyramidion Solutions to help you with achieving your business bottom line at the best quality and price.

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