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The entire enterprise domain is undergoing a rapid change in addressing the ever-evolving demands of its user base by harnessing the power of technology. Soon next year, even more, powerful apps will emerge and existing ones will be enhanced for sure. Rest assured is the fact that enterprises will offer effective services that are integrated with the best UX.

Let’s get into detail-


(i) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

It is really that taxing when we try to understand the userbase’s preferences. Added to that when we bring business data processing into the picture it is also very much time-consuming in reality. Machine Learning can address this issue by employing techniques to find patterns. What’s more, they accomplish the work in ways that humans can’t even comprehend in the first place. Consequently, the sales of all the associated enterprises are boosted tenfold. Machine Learning is also gaining prominence of being that exceptional when it comes to Business Intelligence and Enterprise based Solutions. Ultimately it helps the enterprises to gain the edge when it comes to competition.


(ii) Augmented Reality and its impact in the Enterprise domain:

Already having established a strong foothold in the Gaming Industry, the potential of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be even more effective when used to create Enterprise applications.

By using Augmented Reality add a 3D approach when dealing with business meetings. This can encourage you to carry your creativity to the next level and you can carry out cool presentations via your mobile device itself.


(iii) Chatbots:

Chatbots are also growing in prominence as they can help in decreasing customer time and they get a clear insight regarding customer preferences as well. These are the reasons that made them very popular on websites and messengers as well. When speaking of the mobile sector in the market, Chatbots accounted for 13% of all the sales at the beginning of this year and this will rise to 40% by 2019.


(iv) Cloud-based Enterprise apps:

When speaking of CRM, ERP and all other enterprise based systems they can be easily integrated with Cloud for remote access. The benefits are that they can offer the best in terms of scalability, access, and physical clutter reduction as well. This can give a futuristic approach to carrying out enhanced operations and that too at a reduced cost.



All these cool trends that are creating a great impact in the market world can be used by all enterprises to enhance profits by tenfold. This is because they can streamline and enhance the business functionings by cutting down the cost/time factors.


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