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10 Highly Rated Android App Development Frameworks for 2023

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Everyday technology got evolved so, as mobile phones. Many have upgraded with new features and even launched new mobile phones. People in the corner of the world demand modifications in mobile phones. It is required to make changes in mobile apps for the benefit of users with the right mobile app frameworks. Hiring proficient app developers in Chennai will be helpful for your business.

Based on research, over 7.33 billion smartphone users to reach by 2023. It is because not just a mobile phone, the rich feature app propels people to buy it. Always as a business, be conscious of making decisions because the demand for mobile apps increases. The developer team needs to put pressure on bringing uniqueness to the mobile app for the success of their business.

With all these factors, have you wondered how mobile apps play a significant role? It is because of the frameworks and tools used in building apps. Let’s dive deep into the article and learn more about the Android app development framework in 2023.

Why Mobile App Development Framework Is Important?

The app development framework is essential in building a complete mobile application for a smartphone. For example, if you need to make a bike, you need tires, brakes, handlebars, an engine, and other inner components. Likewise, we need the proper frameworks, tools, and resources to develop an effective mobile app. If your business needs help picking the proper framework, consider getting services from prominent mobile app development companies in Chennai.

Elite Android App Development Framework For 2023

According to the Statista report, more than 2.67 million apps are available in Google Play. The framework for developing mobile apps will help maintain consistency, scalability, and more to bring out the capability of the mobile app. Without the framework, it is like a warrior without a weapon. Let’s break the ice on essential and top Android app development frameworks for 2023.

React Native

React Native is the most eminent mobile app development framework, and it is preferred by various developers across the globe for both Android and iOS devices. React Native is a famous open-source framework built by Meta with robust features.

Well-known big giants like Airbnb and Tesla have employed React native framework to develop their native mobile apps for their business. Example: Discord and UberEats are built by native app frameworks.

Features and Benefits of React Native

  • It is the framework that Android apps build through cross-app development.
  • The reusability of the code reduces the developer’s time constraints.
  • Third-party plugins can be integrated with the benefit of react native.
  • The updates and other internal changes happened swiftly using this framework.


Flutter is another essential factor of the Android app development framework strengthened by Google. It is a multiplatform tool written with the help of Dart language. If you’re looking for a hybrid apps basis, flutter will help your business by fitting as a fiddle. Consider getting services from a mobile app development company in Chennai or the long haul.

Flutter is an SDK designed, including a library, guides, code, and everything needed for the app, and it is another capability. Example: Alibaba Group and Phillips have built with the Flutter framework.

Features and Benefits of Flutter

  • The main benefit is that the cost and time are drastically reduced, which helps reach users worldwide through quicker code.
  • It has a vast community with active support members.
  • Flutter has a central feature called Skia 2d graphic mechanism which helps to build apps with the native essence.

Ionic Framework

Iconic Frameworks are written with Java script and are most familiar for their cross-app development platform. It is accessible and helpful in building hybrid apps. Based on research, the Ionic framework is the best choice for Android app development. Example: Chefsteps and Marketwatch.

Features and Benefits of Ionic

  • It helps build all ranges of apps using a single code. You guessed it right; it is a cross-app development.
  • A plugin named Cordova is employed.
  • Easy Testing


Xamarin is one of the top-tier and open-source frameworks for building Android apps. The best user experience with the features is possible with the help of this framework. It supports Android, iOS, and web-based apps. Example: Fareboom & Picturex

Features and Benefits of Xamarin

  • Code reusability
  • Required native multinational support is feasible with the help of Xamarin.

Corona SDK

The gaming apps are made with the help of Corona SDK, a famous Android app development framework. Corona SDK is renowned for its graphics and animation, which help build 2D and gaming apps. Example: Angry Bird

Features and Benefits of Corona SDK

  • It employs API and thousands of Plugin support.
  • With the help of FPS, Corona SDK helps build high-quality mobile applications swiftly without any bugs.


Native Script is a famous hybrid app development framework that Amazon manages, and it is also an SDK-designed feature for Android app development. It is renowned for its open-source framework and reusability of code. Example: Dwitch and Mypuma

Features and Benefits of Native Script

  • Third-party libraries and plugins are allowed in the NativeScript framework.
  • Easy authentication for the users
  • Ready to use iconic splash screen frames.
  • A high-quality app with faster development is possible with the framework and is accessible to multiple devices.


jQuery is famous and notable for its Android app development framework. It is evolving as the next-gen and advanced app-building process takes over for users’ benefit. Apps can be built using only the language of HTML, and CSS and AJax animations are easily handled using jQuery. Example: The tech giants like Slack and Twitter.

Features and Benefits of jQuery

  • It is notable for its cross-app development.
  • Apps are built quickly, time-efficiently, and cost-effective with the help of jQuery.
  • It has a feature of Windows, Android, and iOS frameworks to be compatible with all devices.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator is a renowned cross-platform with the help of Javascript codes. The developer’s time can be streamlined with native applications to work on multiple platforms. It is also for the open-source Android Framework. Example: Geocoder.

Features and Benefits of Appcelerator

  • An app can be integrated easily and swiftly without time constraints.
  • Java programming language is used for building apps.
  • Code reusability is possible with a maximum rate of 80% or more.

Swiftic Framework

Swiftic is an Android app development framework that builds high-quality, unique mobile apps. It helps support ads, create social media apps, and more. Example: The gentlemen’s barber.

Features and Benefits of Swiftic

  • The mobile app process can be easily streamlined with the help of the Swiftic framework.
  • Integration and navigation are painless for the users.
  • It helps to design and launch your app from one central panel.

Kotlin Multiplatform

The title has given you the idea that Kotlin is a multiplatform framework for app development. Kotlin is valuable for building efficient mobile apps with the required features and tools.

Features and Benefits of Kotlin

  • It helps build apps with minimal costs.
  • Maintenance of code and enhanced reusability is possible.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the correct app development framework will help businesses attain the efficacy of building high-end mobile apps. Now you might receive a basic understanding of frameworks through the blog for your enterprise. Besides, the frameworks mentioned above are a wee bit, yet many more are available in the market. Each framework is omnipotent and can achieve pertinent projects per the business needs.

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