Why Startups Should Go For Android App Development

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To access any information, the typical individual would manipulate the smartphone to get it by the web or an associated app. Smartphones have evolved to become an integral part of our daily life. Hence, the enterprises must emphasize on online functioning as well. This is feasible through mobile app development.


Related to this, the first thought that pops up in startups is regarding which platform to opt for. It is obvious that these startups feature fewer resources and a significantly higher marketing risk it is advised that apps cant be developed on both the platforms simultaneously. It is good to get enlightenment regarding which will generate revenue whether it is iOS or Android apps.


In the recent past, there were instances of clients who had insight related to the worth of app development but were perplexed with regards to choosing the platform. The article will elucidate why Android apps are the best fit.

Android platform is gaining more demand and featured are more than 3 million Android apps in the market with a huge influx each day. Startups can venture into Android app development due to the following reasons.


Larger Audience Reach

Android platform holds the majority of market share with iOS occupying a mere 12%. iOS has a stronghold in developed nations and its rival is hot in the developing nations. So taking that into consideration, if the targeted user base belongs to the latest category then Android is the preferred choice.


Lower Investment

Being an open-source platform, the SDK can be availed with ease along with other development tools. This circumvents the scenario of higher development cost. The services offered by the skilled Android developers are very much affordable than its counterpart.
Earlier App Launch

In the midst of the intense vying at present in the market, it is suggested to establish a strong presence as soon as possible and this is where Android app development enters the picture. It features a vast array of code libraries which speed up the process. All that is needed is a script and everything is done. The app development timeframe is mitigated along with the workload.

Further, the authentication timeframe lasts only for a mere few hours adding to the advantage.


Higher Customization Options

Android OS features a huge collection of personalization preferences which helps the app developers to develop unique mobile apps. Irrespective of the intricate nature involved, featured are plenty of opportunities for customization. Everything is made adaptable related to incorporating interaction tools, multimedia tools and lots more needed for the given enterprise.


Better Marketing ChannelsAndroid apps can be launched onto other third-party platforms apart from Google Play Store as well thereby enhancing its visibility and widespread reach.

Branding can also be enhanced with android app development. Featured are over millions of users who visit Google Play Store on a daily basis which promotes greater visibility as aforementioned. Further, there is an assortment of branding plans to market the app effectively and subsequently results in greater number of app downloads.



Mobile apps have made quite an impact with respect to the enterprise domain and at present, the basic need is to feature an associated mobile app for every enterprise. Related to this the startups can embrace the notion of Android App Development and get insight about the technology featuring limited assets and prowess. As aforementioned, android app development is the best choice for the various startups if the focus is not given to developed nations like the USA.


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