Let’s Reimagine Growth at the Workplace

Growth, as we define it here at Pyramidion, is holistic. It is purposeful. Growth is the joy our people carry to work. And it’s what defines our culture.

Connecting People With Their Best Work Selves Through a Great Culture

Pyramidion takes pride in facilitating an open, progressive and friendly workspace -- one that’s marked by trust, respect and tolerance. We have built a culture that keeps us aligned to these goals and makes the Pyramidion family get bigger without losing the streak of solidarity and camaraderie.

Progressive and Inclusive

Pyramidion is an equal opportunity employer that values merit above all else. We have also crafted policies to instill an atmosphere that’s conducive for women to perform without constraints and help bridge the gender gap that is prevalent in most tech workspaces. We believe that inclusive behavior starts from the top and must get reinforced at all levels.

Value-Based Leadership

The leadership at Pyramidion doesn’t seek to dictate. It seeks to inspire. We emphasize individual accountability over micromanagement, collaboration over hierarchy and open contributions over rigid structures. As we discuss ideas as a group, the titles do not matter, but the contributions do. We all lead by example and inspire confidence rather than command it.

Of Teams and Communities

We hate to see a workspace get siloed into closed groups of expertise. The culture at Pyramidion strongly seeks to enable team work, transparency, and exchange of ideas. We encourage our people to listen, mentor, assist, and of course, recommend good playlists. The geeky loner is cool on sitcoms, but peer learning is way cooler in real workspaces.

Relationships Over Processes

At Pyramidion, it’s okay to fail as long as you learn. It’s okay to miss as long as you try. Projects come and go. Relationships that get built over time don’t.

Think Bigger. Do Better.

We hate to settle. It’s great to be discontent sometimes. The culture here is powered by the hunger to raise the bar everyday. We would like every member to question processes, reimagine roles and rethink what their jobs can achieve for themselves and the organization. Can this project set new benchmarks for UX? Can this mobile app exceed download targets? Bigger questions require bigger thinking, but it also leads to greater fulfilment.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

At Pyramidion, we value not just what you currently do, but also who you could potentially be. We take a keen interest in our employees’ career goals. Career growth maps and charts are collaboratively prepared, and efforts to upskill are actively encouraged with skill building programs, certifications and training. Roles are flexible and are often only constrained by your ability to reach beyond what’s commonplace.

Benefits Galore

At Pyramidion, we value individual growth, skill building and avenues for furthering self development. We provide a host of progressive and purpose-filled benefits and encourage our people to be vocal about the opportunities they seek and interests they would like to explore. We also nudge them to let their hair down once in a while and make memories, without crashing the servers, of course.

  • Personal mentoring programs and career growth charts
  • Financial planning programs
  • Self-development camps
  • Certification programs
  • Open-door policy
  • Team friendly practices such as catch-up calls, team engagements, etc.

Do You See Yourself As a Part of Our Tribe?

If you are someone who believes that learning is a never-ending process, growth is best achieved collaboratively and that Monday Blues are a corporate myth, we would love to have a chat with you.

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