Uber To Call It Quits With Respect To Its Post Ride User Tracking

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The ride hailing giant noted that it was closing the chapter with respect to the feature which gets to monitor the user/ riders once a ride is over. This feature was met with controversy ever since the organization subject it to inception last November.

A representative from the brand noted that the user base will henceforth be provided with the option to disclose their present location with the brand only when the app is being manipulated. The same aspect was present prior to the modification last November.


It was signified that Uber’s most current update featured the capability of the app to trail the riders even when irrespective of the fact that the app continues to operate in the background. Some time back, Uber had assimilated the information only when the rider is availing the app. However, now at present, if the user avails the ride hailing giant for a ride and then stops using the app, the Uber database will accumulate the location data for up to five minutes post ride. This signifies that the brand can track the rider once they have stepped out of their car on the completion of a ride.

Uber executive related to Security Mr. Joe Sullivan noted that this remodification had no connection with the brand officially announcing a new CEO to take over the reigns from the departed Travis Kalanick who was occupying that role before.

The bidding was decided as the company progressed through several obstacles, controversies, and problems which it encountered.

Once the change was reinforced related to the privacy guidelines, the user base was pressured into the permissions comprising everything or nothing. In the event the rider base did not allow the app to monitor them incessantly then they had no option other than to opt for the “Never” option.This signified that they have to manually enter the present location prior to availing a ride. In addition to this, there is the problematic aspect related to geolocation sensors which are integrated with the mobile devices.

On the other hand, the aspect of Uber monitoring the rider’s location also did not prove to be a good idea as Uber 5 years ago noted that it cleansed the user information so as to measure the aspect of some activities


For the question presented as to why the ride hailing giant wanted to probe into the details of the rider, post ride, the brand replied that it was done to augment safety and enhance the efficiency of it related to the pickups, drop-offs and for promoting a reliable user base service apart from others.

Aspects related to privacy has always been associated with controversy in the organization and two years back a case was filed against it by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.


Disclosed was that the ride hailing giant had employed other alternatives and methods to track the riders where one such instance is the concept of fingerprinting. Some months back, the New York Times noted that Uber was covertly tagging the iPhones even post the uninstallation of the app and cleansing of the device. This is against the rules and guidelines established by the tech giant Apple.

Weeks back, the Organization collaborated with the Federal Trade Commission mainly to straighten out the charges with the latter where it had tricked the user base. It was done with respect to neglecting to supervise the employee access related to the general user base’s personal data and the irresponsibility to effectively fortify the user data uploaded to the cloud platform.


Related to the terms, the ride hailing giant has to develop an exhaustively researched privacy guideline policy which is in sync with the privacy concerns associated with Uber’s products and offerings. Further, it was prohibited from falsifying related to the availments of the rider base’s personal data and also how it fortifies that data. The new program related to Privacy is subject to be audited every two years for a time span of two decades altogether.


The aspect of tracking the location once the trip is done is deactivated with respect to the iOS devices and their Android counterparts, the brand new feature related to Privacy will be rolled out to the iPhones in the subsequent weeks.


Melanie Ensign an executive related to the brand’s Security and Privacy Communications noted that the brand was busy at work to implement the features for the Android device and at the same time was focused to ensure that privacy and lucidity were reinforced over the relevant platforms.


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