Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

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Mobile Applications have been some revolutionary game changers in the past few years and 2019 is no exception to that rule.

Research reveals that next year there will be a staggering 2.5 billion smartphone users.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the prominent Mobile App Development trends that are forecasted for next year-


(i) IoT’s prominence will keep rising

The vast potential of the already popular Internet of Things had been used in several industry verticals including Healthcare and e-Commerce. Soon it is expected to enhance the Retail and Real-Estate based Industries. IoT can help Educational institutes in providing the best education as well.

2019 is expected to see IoT ushering in an era predominantly filled with smart cities.


(ii) AR Technology: Guaranteed to excite everyone

The phenomenal success of Pokemon GO is attributed solely to Augmented Reality. Even more gaming apps and even social media platforms are fervently working to offer the best experience via AR technology.

By 2022, the global market of AR/VR is predicted to be around 209 Billion Dollars!


(iii) The demand for even more On-Demand Apps

On-Demand Apps have been the vogue of the last few years thanks to the one and only Uber. More enterprises will start incorporating their own On-Demand mobile App in the long run.

Along with this phenomenal craze for On-Demand Apps, there will also be an intense demand for Chatbots seeing their potential as the perfect real-time virtual assistant. The Chatbot market is estimated to rise to 1250 million by 2025.


(iv) The dominance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI has done a great job in simplifying complex services and when its power is merged with Machine Learning, the union can have a vast potential for sure.

For a start, it can help in the effective gathering of important data and in advanced real-time analytics.

Before 2021, AI market is predicted to be rise to 40 billion dollars.


(v) Instant Apps

Ever since their inception 2 years back, Instant Apps are getting even more popular. These native apps are very much user-friendly and don’t need to be installed/ downloaded onto your phone.


(vi) The rise in Mobile Payment Apps

Paytm is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Mobile Payment. In the coming days, more and more people will be inclined to opt for safe and quick ways of digital-based transactions.

This Mobile Payment market is forecasted to be valued at approximately 500 billion by 2020.


(vii) Beacon Technology

Come 2019 and Beacon Technology is all set to offer even more productivity for mankind.

Earlier it was used to enthrall people to stores and to send notifications. But soon, it will be used for personalized and mobile payment purposes as well which are guaranteed to offer smooth performances.


(viii) More enhanced App Security

Mobile App security is always a serious priority. Every single app developer will be working fervently to prevent your confidential mobile data from being compromised by external threats.


Ending Lines:

We very well know that Mobile Apps are indispensable to our daily day activities. It is evident that the human mind constantly yearns for something that is even better. This is why all the aforementioned and other mobile app related trends will keep on changing in the future.


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As a prominent Mobile App Development Firm in Toronto, the team at Pyramidion Solutions is ever thirsty to gain new knowledge. That knowledge is related mobile app development trends which are ascertained of greater user experience.

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