The Latest Trends Related To Mobile App Development

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Advancement related to technology has reshaped how the mobile app development brands are refining their services related to developing a mobile app associated with the future. The Android app development in the current era is related to the trends mentioned below:



Internet of Technology concept is gaining steam and momentum related to its importance the subsequent days and it is very well robust to promote a major upheaval related to how the user base manipulates the electronic gadgets related to interaction.


Apps that bank on GPS:

This particular trend is also a mandatory aspect. The user base now has increasingly found the usage of GPS very often related to the aspect of commuting. This is just a sample of the potential-filled technology which can be manipulated for a plethora of several other users. The way how BLE technologies are rapidly evolving, the technology related to GPS encompassing Wi-Fi based apps is sure to gain steam moving on forward.



In this year, statistics revealed that the domain related to wearables had surpassed the astronomical worth of $4 billion which is a remarkable achievement. It encompasses smartwatch, glasses and fitness bands which are rapidly gaining popularity and demand. Care should be ensured that mobile apps have to be developed such that they support these devices.



Research indicates that almost 75% of the mobile apps do not get clearance when scrutinized by the security tests. Despite the fact that there are several varieties of security apps and some of them have been downloaded and installed by the user base, there is still the concern whether the apps are well fortified or not. Android app developers can manipulate this situation to their advantage thereby promoting a needed change.


Micro and Enterprise Apps:

The enterprise apps strive to smoothen the business flow from a bigger panorama. On the other hand micro apps are devoted to completing some specific work. The enterprises are also striving to enter the online domain where they can have a bigger presence with the help of the mobile apps. It servers handy in user retention and spreading the visibility of the enterprises.


AR and VR:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are red hot in the market. However, their time to be associated with even more fame and usability is yet to come. A majority of the mobile app development brands are not yet prepared for this trend currently.


M-commerce and Voice commerce:

M-Commerce is gaining momentum as the user base currently are of the opinion to purchase products with the help of m-money concept rather than manipulate plastic money. The same can be said with the embracement of the voice commerce technology as the user base’s comfort level spikes up along with the association of virtual assistants and chatbots as well.



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