Quality Assurance And Its Importance In Mobile App Development

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Typically when app developers create a new app, care must be ensured that Quality Assurance has to be implemented. The app’s success metrics are sure when Quality Assurance is integrated with all the developmental phases encompassing innovation, conceptualizing, researching the needs up to the launch of the product.

Typically the developers dont pay attention to Quality Assurance which is a factor as to why issues are encountered after the app rollout. Investing in it will ascertain the good functionality of the apps.

Phase of preparation

This is initiated prior to the development of app takes place. It is finished well in advance before the app’s first venture related to assemblage is done. Featured in this phase is insight about the basic needs, conceptualizing the test documents and developing the environment. Related to identifying the target devices, prior work must be done related to identifying the devices compatible and the determination of the Operating System’s initial version which needs assistance related to zeroing down on popular models.


Functional requirements

Coming to this phase, the developer has to ensure the following categories as to whether the app can be installed or is related to the browser if it is self-contained and also whether it will communicate effectively with a database or any other apps.


Test documentation

Featured as an integral part of some apps is high-level documentation and the associated tasks are not intricate and can be done with few clicks. In such cases, the detailed facts dont have to be developed related to testing.


Feedback from users

Apps featuring updated version with themselves aid considerably in scrutinizing the user feedback and the reviews which have been posted. The user base analyzes and stores the issues which could in future circumvent any issues faced by the app. A brand new version assists in providing a resolution to a given problem encountered by the app. In the testing phase, the details related to the user base has to be accounted for and focused on.


Testing environment

To develop a test environment, the associated apps need to be integrated into the computer of the QA personnel. To be encompassed in addition are the factors of Android SDK and iPhone Configuration Utility. The whole sequence initiates once the first assembly is developed and finishes once the product development is over. Several assemblies are incessantly tested and the QA engineer needs to be in tune with the user base featuring an all-comprising knowledge of the guidelines and terms related to the device and the app attributes which are tested.


Controlling phase

Once the product development is complete, the draft is all set to launch in this phase. Exhaustive testing ensures that the app is expunged from the minor issues associated with it. Testing is also done in this phase to evaluate the loss of auxiliary modules. Featured in this phase are the implementation of featured which won’t be present in the final version of the app but is done for development needs. Prior to the official launch, the features related to usage for developing and testing are expunged.


Acceptance testing

This is featured as the final step where the app is evaluated to be in sync with the acceptance criteria. Some associated test cases which make use of this testing is related to the app needs. Ultimately it is the outcome of such tests which make the user base to contemplate whether the app is suited for being accepted or not.

The app is all set to be launched officially once the testing phases are manipulated efficiently and when the developer is very much confident that an effectively functioning product has been developed.


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