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Poor UX Impact on Mobile Applications

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The mobile applications are a stepping stone for every business to launch into the digital world. Gone are the days when marketing was a word of mouth or any simple poster advertisement all over the city. With the latest technological advancements and development in every sector happening at a rapid phrase, it is essential to present your business or brand digitally so that people can reach out to your services.
A mobile application can easily make or break your business. If developed in the right way catering to the target audience, then it is easier to reach that audience and make profits. If the development and design fail to meet the standards and expectations of the market, then it will be challenging to promote and make revenue through your business. Here are some factors that may lead to poor user experience in the mobile application.
Having a Slower Loading Time
People usually don’t have much time in their hands to wait for anything. If a customer comes and specifically searches the services your business provides, then they are potential customers and may invest in your services. To have this chance, it is essential to have faster loading time for your mobile application because there are hundreds of competitors offering the same services.
The 3 seconds time for loading a page can approximately create 32 per cent of bounce rate, and if you page loads for 10 seconds, then the bounce rate crosses the 100 per cent mark. The idea here is to keep the bounce rate as low as possible.
Complex and Difficult to Use
Many rookie developers and designers feel that adding more features and designs attract a lot of customers to their apps. These unnecessary features and functionality not only lags the applications but also makes it difficult for the users to navigate and use the application.
The first lesson to app development is developing a simple and straightforward application with only necessary features and functionalities. Going minimalistic is the way to start, and if needed, more features can be updated later through user feedback.
Not Having Good Navigation
Another thing that many developers go wrong is the navigation part. The users should be easily able to find what they are looking for if they take minutes to see what they want then the app is dead. For instance, take an online shopping business, and the user is searching for a t-shirt. The first thing the user will look for is a search button to find the product instantly if it is not easily accessible then it may affect the overall user experience
The issue mentioned above may cause the user to delete the application or not use the application frequently. Remember, user retention and user engagement are two critical things that define an app’s success.
Users not able to Relate to your Content
When users come to your webpage or mobile page, they must connect with your content and concepts. Having a dry content can be a put off to a lot of people, and they may not further continue in your page. While developing a mobile application, people often underestimate the power of content, and it is the only way to express your brand and what it stands for.
Therefore, it is essential to get creative and innovative in producing content that touches people’s heart. Hire professional photographers to take pictures of your products and services, it will be a personal touch, and people will trust your brand better. Do not use any stock images because of that turn-off the whole vibe.
Customers having Difficulty to Communicate
You do not want your business to appear shady in any way, so it is necessary to provide contact information to the customers in case of any queries and concerns. Let the users know your presence, and you are here to help them with anything they want.
Trust is the essential thing in the business, and it is important to gain the customers’ trust by providing them with good services and excellent support.
In summary, having good user experience can positively impact the mobile application. Therefore, research and invest in UX while developing mobile apps to bring more profit to the business.
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Monish Sinthala is the co-founder of a Pyramidion Solution and has immense experience in the field of mobile app development. The company is considered as one of the well-reputed mobile app development companies in Chennai and has a skilled set of UI/UX designers who research on the market trends and customer requirements to build a revolutionary mobile and web applications.

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