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Mobile app development has become a necessity for all business of any size and stature. Both iOS and android application development have been a significant part of boosting enterprises to the next level and helping them to reach new audiences.
The Google play store is currently the biggest app store, with 2.56 million mobile applications available for the users to download. IOS applications are great, but there are more android devices and android users than iOS users. Therefore, the android platform is an excellent market for your application launch.
With demand, comes the competition as well, there are so many successful applications already out there. Here are some tips to make your android mobile apps stand out from the other android application developers.
Try to Learn Daily
Learning something new every day will give you an advantage over the other android developers. Make sure to gain some new skills from experienced people in the industry, you can learn from their works and projects. Many developers even post hacks and tricks in blogs and forums.
Thoroughly Knowing the Framework
In android application development, the developers should know about the framework and all the internal workings of the framework so that they can smoothly work through the app development. The developers will get an idea about how the inner workings and they can come up with original solutions.
There will be Something New Always
As an android app developer, you should be aware that there will be updates on the android application development every day, and it isn’t easy to keep up with every single update that Google launches. Therefore, do not get disappointed and try to learn as you can.
Java Programming Language
You know this was coming, if you want to be fluent in android app development, then diving deep into Java is the only way. You have to be thorough with the primary programming language like Java and then learn the advanced language like Kotlin as well. Put full effort to master these languages.
Remember the Guidelines
As an android developer, you should know all the necessary guidelines required to build and develop an android application. This helps you to write clean and manageable codes that can be quickly launched in the Google Play Store.
Application Architecture
It is essential to layout the application idea and design the architecture properly before coding. This will help you to consider business logic, customer’s requirements and user interfaces in the development process.
Go Global
You might be familiar with working and coding in the English language, but English is not the most commonly used language on the global level. Several Asian and European countries use their native language for coding. If you want to tap into those markets, then invest time in learning code in different languages.
Know About Do’s and Don’ts
If you are a beginner in android application development, then you will be keen to experiment and do something different but also make sure to know about all the do’s and don’ts in the development process so that there are no irrevocable mistakes.
Wrapping Up
The android applications are not going anywhere soon. In fact, there is more demand for developers and designers to work for mobile android app development. As mentioned earlier demand comes with fierce competition, therefore to stay ahead of everyone follow all these simple tricks and tips.
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Monish Sinthala is the Chief Executive Officer at one of the leading mobile app development companies in Chennai, Pyramidion Solutions. With his company, he provides application development services for businesses in android app development, iOS app development and hybrid application development.

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