• Mobile App Validation

    Title: A detailed guide on mobile app validation

      In many cases, you would have an occurrence called ‘There should be an app for that’. It is due to this occurrence that there are millions of mobile applications in all the App Stores. Further, it is easy to form the idea for an application. But when it comes to the question of whether your idea is good or not, you have to definitely know the best app ideation process. So for starts, let’s get you introduced to the three stages of mobile app idea validation. This is where the foundation for a mobile application development process is done. The explanation for the three stages is given below. […]

  • SaaS

    Title: How to ascertain sure success for your SaaS startup

    The speedy growth of brands like Salesforce and Dropbox in terms of success has made several aspiring entrepreneurs take a dive into the SaaS world. This promises a great future for the SaaS market. Last year the revenue generated according to a survey was approximately 73 billion dollars. The domain is predicted to get a total revenue summing up to 113 billion dollars by 2021. So if you are a budding entrepreneur who wants to taste success by developing your own SaaS startup, here is the ultimate guide for you. So let’s get started. Phase 1: Developing […]

  • React Native

    React Native: As a Profitable Way for Cross-Platform Mobile App Advancements

    Hello, before checking the details about React Native. REACT Native is supportable for both android and iOS platforms. Just code once, these apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms which helps to save the development time of the app.  Even though there are some similarities and difference between ReactJS and React Native, React […]

  •  Which is Better for Cross-Platform App Development? Flutter or React-Native?

      What started as a Hackathon project in Facebook ended up as one of the most popular open-source mobile app frameworks. We are speaking about React Native. On the other side, Google was busy in developing a solution to make Android App development quicker and then came Flutter. What made Flutter more popular was that the same code used in Android app development could be used for developing […]


    What is the cost to develop an App like FaceApp

    When we take the current digital era, a majority of the people love paying a great deal of attention to their looks and also to bring into perfection. There are a plethora of mobile apps that can do this, and some of them have become a part of several mobile apps users. That particular user base prefers the camera-inbuilt apps over their phone camera. One such app called FaceApp has been developed using cutting edge software algorithms to make you look younger or older in your selfies. The app powered by Artificial Intelligence has become very popular as of late. If you are very much interested in […]