Enrich Your Business with Svelte Mobile App Development

Just when Sveltejs was getting all the attention in the web app space, Svelte Native is becoming the buzzword for cross-platform app development. Svelte Native is the new approach that helps build truly native apps for both iOS and Android platforms from a single codebase using NativeScript. By pairing both Svetle and Native Script, there are many unique advantages this framework is offering, like surgical widget updates, prime native feel, and performance, etc.

Getting the knack for new technology and going along and against it has always been our core strength at Pyramidion. In regards to that, our Svelte Mobile app development company can aid you immensely with engineering iOS and Android apps that are user-friendly and resilient. Regardless of your domain and business size, we can deliver the apps powered by the trending Svelte Native technology that gives you an edge in your niche.


Our Svelte Native Development Services on Focus


custom-mobile  Custom Mobile app development

Being the pioneers in this domain, we have always been braced to develop mobile apps that are competent enough for making them fail-proof. We can help you build apps that will illustrate your business idea and couple it with the benefits of Svelte Native.

maintenance  App maintenance

Business ideas are bound to stick to trends to keep up in the long run. To help you stay prime in your industry, we offer maintenance and up-gradation services that don’t stop with conventional revamping, but we see that your business is getting optimized both in its worth and potential.

Bring your ideas to life with our Svelte Native Development Services

Benefits of Svelte Native

  • Has all the advantages of SvelteJS like Transitions, Stores, and Reactivity
  • It doesn’t require a special Svelte compiler
  • Contains custom Svelte Native components
  • Since it manipulates the DOM directly, it provides high performance even in low-powered devices and fast UI rendering.

Why Choose Us for Svelte Native Development?


We have a team of developers who are professed enough to help you skip any roadblocks in your business by delivering digital solutions powered by the latest technologies. With a set of skills and necessary resources, we have perfected the art of staying updated and being experts in the sector. We employ radical approaches to different projects so that every specific you have put forward is met, and that your products are tamper-proof and gilt-edged.

  • Tech-savvy developers
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript
  • Top-notch quality
  • Transparent and efficient development process
  • Proven expertise


As Svelte Native provides an implementation of Svelte’s transition along with NativeScript’s native transition infrastructure, it surpasses expectations of a perfect cross-platform app: a native app with fast performance.

The community has set many goals to achieve like making it more compatible with other NativeScript UI components and maintaining a library to support the latest versions of NativeScript and Svelte versions.

Determining the time to develop an app depends on various factors like your project size, the complexity of it, and your requirements. However, we would work our best to deliver the project to you on or before an agreed deadline.