Level up your business standards with our NativeScript Development Service

NativeScript is an open-source framework designed to develop native mobile apps using Angular, Typescript, or JavaScript. This framework offers a remarkable user interface and high performance in both iOS and Android platforms. The NativeScript framework uses XML data structures to trigger the platform-specific code that connects with the native elements of the target operating systems.

At Pyramidion, we hire developers who are experts at developing applications with NativeScript which gives an exact feeling of using native applications on all platforms. We offer you flexible, and interactive native apps using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enrich your business growth. Contact our experts today to get your NativeScript development services.


Why choose NativeScript for your app development

  • Cross-platform compatible apps using a single code-base.
  • Live reload and synchronization
  • Augment HTML, Javascript, CSS web development skill
  • Native user interface and performance
  • Provides simple app development with Vue.js framework

Custom NativeScript Development Services We Provide


ns-web-devNativeScript web development

We build applications that go well with the iOS and Android.

ns-pluginNativeScript plugin development

To help you extend the features and functionality of your apps, we build plugins using NativeScript.

ns-ui-devNativeScript UI development

Create stunning UI designs to deliver a native User experience.

ns-migrationNativeScript migration

Migrate jQuery or JavaScript to the NativeScript platform to leverage the benefits of NativeScript.

ns-web-dev NativeScript-based mobile app development

Build scalable mobile applications with cross-platform compatibility and functionality.

Why work with us?

Maintainable unit tested code-base with scalable solutions

We provide industry-standard solutions. With our experience in NativeScript mobile app development, we follow high standards in our development process. We ensure the scalability of the solutions and maintain a unit-tested code-base.

Adhering with the trends

Being a flourished NativeScript development company in the cross-platform app development sector, our skillful team analyzes the market trends and never fails to stick with its changes. Thus, we ensure to help you keep your business updated with the trends of the market.

Integrity and transparency

These are the two important factors that should be maintained in a business relationship. Thus we make sure that we maintain complete transparency throughout the NativeScript mobile app development period by proper communication.

Looking for a custom NativeScript Development Company?


The cost of native app development depends on many factors like the size of the project development platform, app complexity, number of features you want to add to your app, etc. you can connect with our team to know in detail and we would be happy to guide you.

There are many things to upgrade like NativeSript CLI tooling, the iOS, and Android runtimes, and cross-platform elements. NativeScript has a built-in command for updating the setup that makes the updating of the app easier and convenient. You can reach out to us for any technical assistance related to NativeScript development services at any time.

Yes definitely! Nativescript supports AR through a NativeScript-AR plugin that conceptuate the ARKit APIs into easy-to-use APIs for Augmented Reality tasks.