Solid JS App Development - The Latest Key to Build Web Apps

Solid JS is the newest buzz in the web application development market. It allows the development of extremely efficient and highly reactive web applications. At Pyramidion, our dedicated team of Solid JS developers builds web applications with Solid JS framework that are simple yet significant and follow approaches that fit your business goals. Our strategic project management phases help you keep track of each phase to ensure the requirements are induced as per the plan. Connect with our expert team today and get started with your Solid JS web app development.

Solid Vs React

Both Solid JS and React JS are Javascript frameworks with a very similar syntax. The main advantage of Solid over React is that it is highly flexible and performant. This is because of Solid’s compilation process usage instead of execution. Let’s see some more advantages of using Solid over React for web application development.


The compilation is done ahead of time in Solid JS, unlike React JS.

In Solid, when building the app it is converted to vanilla javascript and the end-user is given the compiled version directly.

Thus the payload is drastically reduced.

Rapid Development

Solid JS is one of the top 5 fastest JavaScript framework libraries.

Since the front-end controls and the methods of the application are designed separately, app development can be rapid and specific.


Similar to Svelte, Solid JS doesn’t compromise on features.

It provides a diverse range of out-of-the-box sets of features that includes features in React JS.

Easy Migration

Migrating the existing application to the Solid JS framework is the right choice.

Solid JS migration and upgradation are really simple.

It can be easily migrated from React JS.

Better User Experience

Rapid response time since code is compiled in build time and virtual DOM is not involved.

Sophisticated UI with minimum runtime overload can be built with the Solid JS framework.

Share your solid requirements with us.

Share your solid requirements with us.

The “Solid” Benchmark

  • Solid JS is an open-source framework.
  • It is loaded with all possible and common features.
  • The framework makes use of simple primitives and yet gives the best user views.
  • Fine-grained reactivity is one of the notable benchmarks. The development complexity is hugely lessened and it is one of the most performant JS frameworks.
Solid 1.0.0
Inferno 7.4.8
Svelte 3.37.9
Preact 10.5.12
Vue 3.0.6
React 17.0.1
Angular 12.0.1
Ember 3.22.0

Benefits of Using Solid JS

Solid-built applications follow a compiler-built approach that supports intuitive user interfaces and lightweight solutions. Here are the benefits of Solid JS that state why Solid is the best pick for web app development.

  • Tailored APIs.
  • Highly-performant.
  • Fine-grained reactivity.
  • Productive App-building.
  • Fully-functional feature set.

Development Process We Follow

Starting from ideation to maintenance, our Solid JS developers maneuver you through each phase of the development process. Here are the phases involved in our successful development process.

Requirement Analysis and Feasibility study

Feasibility study to ideate your requirements.

Understanding your business needs

Requirement documentation.

Design and Wireframes

Future-proof business models.

User-friendly design and wireframes.

Prototype and design sign-off.


Module-wise split development.

Optimized lines of code.

Timeline tracking for each module.

Quality Assurance

Reviewing the code for a bug-free application.

Unit testing and integration testing.

Check the overall application performance.

Deployment and Maintenance

On-time deployment.

Post-deployment maintenance to address possible bugs.

Share your solid requirements with us.

Why Choose Pyramidion as your Solid JS App Development Company?

At Pyramidion, we make sure to provide you a fully functional and scalable solution with impressive UI and quality as key elements. Choose our Solid JS Development Services to take advantage of the following benefits.

  • On-time delivery
  • Customer support
  • High-quality solutions
  • Threat defense features
  • Result-driven approach
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Modern technology expertise
  • Customized products aligned with business goals


Solid JS is an open-source JS framework and it is highly performant. Its performance rate is quite high compared to other frameworks. Hence it is growing popular among huge masses in the web app development market.

We build and deploy Solid JS applications at a very fast pace. This is made possible by our experienced team of JS developers. To know an estimated duration period, share your requirement by contacting our expert team today.

The pricing depends on the required features and functions to be induced and their complexity. Reach us to get a quote for your project.

Yes. Any number of existing and customized features can be supported by Solid JS. Our in-house developers have expertise in the development of such feature-rich and robust applications.