Build Feature-rich and Productive Web Apps With Next JS Framework

The more the digital advancements grow, the more performance people expect from the web apps that cater to them. This can be made achievable by using the best-for-business frameworks. The Next JS framework is a popularly expanding technology that lets you build robust web apps with innumerable features that help you upscale your business. At Pyramidion, we understand your requirements, align them with the current market needs, and suggest the most efficient and game-changing app solutions. Our development team harnesses the latest web technologies to help you bring your Next JS web app ideas to life. You deserve unwavering attention for your business development and we take pride in providing you the same with our fully scalable web solutions.

Next Vs React

Taking advantage of modern technologies can make your development process less painful and also allow you to focus on your business goals. Next JS is one such newly developed open-source framework that has expertise in easy server-side rendering and size-optimized app development. React is also one of the Javascript frameworks and is setting industry standards with its reactive approach and functional programming.

Next JS is built on top of React and makes development easier. Yet there is definitely a different experience in building web apps in Next JS and React JS. Let’s see what are the advantages of using Next JS over React JS for your web app development.

  • Easy to learn
  • Extensive features
  • Highly-performant
  • Accessible community
  • Speed and ease of coding
  • “Learn by doing” documentation

Why Choose Next JS for Web App Development?

Next JS provides production features that are the best of all React frameworks. Picking Next JS as your choice for web application development is the right thing to do and below are the justifying elements for the same.

Zero Configuration

Page-by-page insights

Live-editing Experience

Built-in Stylesheet Support

Statically pre-rendered pages

Automatic Language Detection

Automatic Image Optimization

Server-side Rendering (SSR) & Static Report (SSG)

Hire Next JS Developers For Best-in-class Services

Our Next JS Developers create web app solutions on the Next JS framework that tap into the unlimited potential of the current tech trends. Partner with us to get hold of our top-class Next JS Development Services.

Next JS Web Development

Our development team builds highly qualitative and versatile web applications. The built web apps will incorporate fast page loading, optimized build size, better functionalities, and quick time-to-market features that assist you with all your business ventures.

Next JS Planning & Strategy

We layout a plan that completely grasps the subtleties of the Next JS framework. We help you create strategies that align with your business goals and the Next JS platform. Our team has expertise in achieving solutions for any level of complex requirement.

Next JS Customized Website Development

We provide customized Next JS app development services that include static websites, dynamic websites, and other customized websites that are exceptionally built for faster response time and page loads.

Next JS Plugin development

Plugins that are in trend and best fit your application are identified by our team for your web application. If the necessary plugin is not available, we can build them for you matching your customization requirements.

Next JS Integration & Upgradation

Next JS is fully forward compatible with any Javascript environment. We can aid you in integrating and upgrading your existing web solutions into the latest Next JS ecosystem thereby offering the best customer experience through the app.

Next JS Maintenance and Support

Our Next JS development services include proactive maintenance and support services provided by our support team. We also take care of the working of functionalities in your application with no potential downtime as post-deployment services.

Share with us your next requirement and we’ll help you with Next services.

Key Features of Next JS

Next JS is getting better day-by-day with its increased community and is used and loved by many of the world’s leading app development companies. The finest features inculcated in the framework are the main reason for its growing demand. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Simple Deployment
  • Hot Code Reloading
  • Compatibility with Ecosystems
  • Server Rendering & Pre-rendering
  • Rapid development & Compilation
  • Automatic Routing & Third-party API Bundling

Our Process to Drive Success

Next JS web apps that can be paired with any framework are developed by our experienced Next JS developers. We choose the most efficient CMS for your web app development which enables rendering React through the custom server of Next JS. The below-mentioned are the phases of our development process.

Ideation and Requirement Analysis

Design and Wireframes


Code Development

Quality Assurance

Deployment and Maintenance

Why Choose Pyramidion as Your Next JS App Development Company?

At Pyramidion, we make use of the latest technology mix. Our process of development is transparent and highly impactful for the growth of your business. We possess great industrial experience in web application development and an experienced development team with immense expertise in Next JS development. Here’s what you can leverage from choosing our Next JS Development Company.

  • Timely Delivery
  • Result-driven Strategies
  • Post-deployment Support
  • Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Efficient Project Management


We ensure delivering top-quality solutions by following a methodical approach. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team tests and reviews each aspect of your application and performs periodic walkthroughs to ensure the quality of the application is retained and the app is bug-free.

When businesses need websites requiring reusable components which in turn can allow search engines to index server pages efficiently, Next JS development is the go-to option.

With its ability to develop SEO-friendly websites and feature-rich components, the necessity of building web apps with the Next JS framework is bound to increase in the near future. It is also to be noted that Next JS rightly aligns with the rising needs for web apps such as rich features, fully-functional websites, scalable and reliable websites, search engine optimized, and high-performance websites.

The cost of development depends on the factors such as code complexity, add-on features, customizations, requirements, etc., To get an estimate for your project, contact our expert team and share your requirements today.