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Set your crypto venture up for long-term success with our ICO development services. Leverage the best fundraising opportunities for your project by taking advantage of Pyramidion’s ICO software development services.

Raise Funds and Tokenize Your Assets with Our ICO Development Services

ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, are crowdfunding techniques designed to raise money from investors by offering crypto tokens or crypto coins. Blockchain-based companies that are starting or beginning to offer a new product or service often launch ICOs to fund themselves and offer value to their investors.

Pyramidion is a leading ICO development company and we help you strategize and launch an ICO with a sound, fool-proof methodology that’s based on sound domain knowledge and rich blockchain experience. Starting with ideation, design a process that flows from step to step to achieve smarter results with ICO development services.


Our ICO Solutions

We provide the following ICO software development services to enable your ICO process to proceed systematically and maximize its chances for success.

Whitepaper creation
Landing page design
ICO fundraising dashboard design
Token or coin development
Bounty management
Press release services
Multi-channel marketing
Listing services

A Guide to Investment Opportunities In the Blockchain Ecosystem

One of the hottest trends in the financial and technology markets today is blockchain technology. It is touted to have the potential to transform entire business models in various sectors. This e-book will help you understand the different aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency and how they present potential for you and your business.


ICO Website Development Roadmap to Maximize Chances of ICO Success

An ICO is best approached in a phased, systematic manner. Every step along the way, done right, drastically improves the chances of holding an effective ICO that delivers results.

  • Step 1


    First, the in-house experts in our ICO development company hear you out and assess the suitability of an ICO for your business goals and requirements. We chart the opportunities and challenges to determine how viable an ICO is in your case.

  • Step 2

    Creation of White paper

    ICO processes require the creation of a solid, comprehensive white paper listing the nature of your business, your offering, your team, and your background to establish credibility to investors. We guide you through the creation of a concise and powerful white paper that will strongly present your case.

  • Step 3

    Landing Page Design

    Your ICO website needs to communicate all the features and information around your offering clearly and persuasively. We will help you build an informative and user-friendly landing page to convey your idea with our streamlined ICO website development process.

  • Step 4

    Pre-ICO Marketing

    The chances of ICOs succeeding improve significantly with effective marketing. We help you deliver powerful brand messages over channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Steemit, among others.

  • Step 5

    Token Development

    Tokens are your primary, distinct value offerings in an ICO. Our blockchain developers and engineers will create your tokens of the preferred standard and peg them to a particular value or functionality.

  • Step 6

    Wallet Development

    We help design and engineer a secure, flexible infrastructure for the crypto wallet that will help your token owners to store, send or receive their coins and tokens.

  • Step 7

    Post-ICO Marketing

    Marketing is equally essential after holding an ICO. We help you further build awareness and buzz around your tokens so that their utility percentage improves.


Comprehensive, Value-Driven ICO Development Services Under One Roof

From the beginning of your project, our ICO software development company ensures that the fundamental key areas of an ICO journey are methodically and effectively implemented.

Roadmap Creation

An ICO needs to be based on clarity and a sound business plan. As the first step of the ICO website development process, we chart a time-based road map to gather a clear picture of the projected trajectory and assure investors and other stakeholders of its importance.

Token Development

If your ICO is to issue tokens on the Ethereum network, then we can ensure via smart contracts that these tokens are ERC20 compatible. We help you create tokens for specific fungible assets such as real estate.

Smart Contract Setup

After investors buy your tokens, they could use them for various purposes. You can choose to assign rules regarding what the tokens can be used for and the terms around their exchange or sale. These rules and terms will be managed by automated smart contracts. Our in-house team of specialists can create for you contracts to govern various aspects of your token.

White paper Drafting

A white paper is a fundamental requirement of the ICO process. Your white paper should outline what the project is about, what needs it will fulfill, how much money it requires, how many tokens will be maintained in reserve, what type of cryptocurrency it accepts, and how long the ICO will run.

Landing Page Design

A well-designed, intuitive landing page is crucial to ICO success. We provide you with options spanning several layouts and designs that are optimized for traffic generation and conversion.

PR and Marketing

It is essential to generate awareness about the ICO and the value and functionality of the tokens that will be sold to reach the right set of interested parties. We will help your ICO process gain visibility and traction with various PR and marketing campaigns.

ICO Customer Service

We have a client service team that exclusively handles ICO queries and will be present to support you at all times throughout the project.

Exchange Listing Assistance

Our ICO token development company will help you list your tokens or cryptocurrency on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms. We also build cryptocurrency platforms from scratch that you can choose to employ to host your tokens.

Legal, Risk, and Compliance

ICOs are often monitored for their regulatory compliance, the accuracy of claims, the real value of the assets they represent, and the background of the company holding them. As a top ICO token development company, we ensure that the governance structure of your project is carefully spelled out and complies with the latest laws drafted by the country in which the tokens will be launched. Further, we also work with law corporations to weed out any potential compliance issues in your ICO.


Industries Disrupted by ICO Software Development Services


Real Estate

Electoral Systems

Logistics and Trading

Accounting and Finance

Healthcare and Insurance

How to launch an ICO on Ethereum?

A majority of ICO tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 is the most popular token standard that is utilized. There are several reasons for this:

  • It enables transactions to be efficient with the optimal use of accounts.

  • It provides a high speed of transactions.

  • It facilitates fluid transactions even amidst high traffic.

  • It is compatible with all crypto wallets that use the same standard.

Our ICO software development company methodologies specialize in token development on Ethereum. That said, we do develop tokens based on other leading blockchain token standards as well. What matters is which of them is best for your business goals.

ICO Token Development Standards

Our ICO token development company develops tokens based on the following blockchain standards and protocols.

ERC 20
ERC 721
ERC 1155

Frequently Asked Questions

ICOs are usually evaluated based on aspects such as their business model, level of VC involvement, market niche, community feedback, project team, and current state of their product.

An ICO bounty program promotes an ICO to the right set of audiences through various activities such as writing articles, spreading the word on social media, publishing white papers in different languages, and so on.

It depends solely on how one chooses to implement the ICO and the exchange. If the exchange is set up after the ICO, then the ICO user database can be used for this.

ICOs are an advantageous method to raise funds for the low entry barrier, easy automation, high profitability when they take off, and anonymous, decentralized participation.

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