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Crack the Ethereum Landscape with a Reputed ERC 20 Token Development Company and expand the scope of your crypto-venture on Ethereum with our secure, customized ERC 20 token development services.

Scale Your Ethereum-Based Business With Our ERC 20 Token Development Services

With ERC 20 tokens and smart contracts, you can start a business on the Ethereum blockchain. In the Ethereum ecosystem, ERC 20 is the most widely used token standard. It supports ETH payments as well as smart contract management.

At Pyramidion, we offer you optimized ERC 20 token development services so that you can create smart contracts to govern various aspects of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Our token development service involves code generation that enables transactions via Ethereum addresses.

Development Services

Components of Our Ethereum ERC 20 Token Development Services

Token Creation

We follow a systematic methodology for ERC 20 token development. Our customizable tokens allow you to add or remove features based on your requirements.

Token Transfer

In certain cases, we turn the phone into an Ethereum wallet by encrypting the phone, transferring the appropriate software, and transferring tokens to the phone.

Cold Storage

We secure your token in our cold storage facility, embedded with hardware-based security

Github Source Code

Github is the world’s largest coding community and serves as a public repository of different cryptocurrency creation codes. It also allows verification of transactions that eventually get added to the public blockchain ledger.

Token migration

We will help you migrate your ERC 20 tokens from the beta net to the mainnet of the Ethereum blockchain.

ICO token development

We can help you create or launch tokens for your ICO or launch your crowdfunding campaign for the same.

Token wallet development

We offer wallet development and integration services that will make ERC 20 token-based transactions faster and more reliable.

Token listing

We will help you list your ERC 20 token on all popular cryptocurrency exchange portals.

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Benefits of Our ERC 20 Token Development Services

  • High speed and efficiency of transactions

  • Zero risk of contract interruptions

  • Ease of token implementation and execution

  • Listing of tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Maintenance of a standard protocol

  • The efficiency of token transfer and management

  • High level of security of blockchain support

  • Efficient management of token supply

  • Ease of fundraising

  • Integration with Ethereum wallet

Boost your Crypto-venture with our ERC-20
Token Development Services


Features of Our ERC 20 Token Development

Interact With Other Cryptocurrencies

ERC 20 tokens will help your users to interact with other cryptocurrencies and exchange cryptocurrencies in your Ethereum wallet.

Smart Contract Functionality

You can avoid hiring a separate team to manage your smart contract functions as ERC 20 provides smart contract processes.

DApp Operations

ERC 20 tokens ensure a smooth interaction with and performance of other decentralized applications (DApps) that are governed by smart contracts.


Instant transactions

Once the tokens have been created, all ensuing transactions are instant. Further, there is an immutable log of all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain ledger.

High level of security

We develop tokens in a highly secure manner with customizable features to further boost their level of security.


We build features such as a chatbox and a forum to help your users better manage their trading on their token software

Popular ERC 20 Token Development Platforms That We Work With

VET (Vetchain)
TRX (Tron)
IOS token (IOS)
Zilliqa (ZIL)
Augur (REP)
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

Our ERC 20 Based ICO Token Development Process

At Pyramidion, we follow a systematic methodology that begins with asking the right questions and ends with the hassle-free launch of your carefully planned ICO.

Engagement With Clients

We ensure that any project begins with significant time spent on listening to client requirements, asking the right questions, and arriving at a clear vision for the project.


Initially, a lot of ideas are brainstormed based on market research and client requirements and presented to the client. On approval of some of these, we initiate the development process.

Platform Creation

The creation of the token platform is the first step in the development process. The platform is further subject to modifications based on the needs of the client.

Token Development

With the latest technology tools, we follow a systematic process to develop tokens. Further, we create a distribution strategy that can increase token engagement and visibility.

Whitepaper Creation

Post token development, we write a whitepaper that describes all the integral functions of the token along with other important information that is usually sought by clients.

ICO Launch

After the required revisions and quality checks, we launch the ICO with ERC 20 tokens, as facilitated by the token software.

Launch Tron Tokens with Advances Features and Functionalities

Tron is a blockchain network created by the non-profit organization, Tron Foundation. Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) runs the smart contracts on Tron.

TRC-20 is the token standard that enables the creation of tokens on Tron. Tron tokens let users transact within seconds in a hassle-free manner and also interact with decentralized apps on Tron. They have unique functionality and infrastructure that helps them operate in the decentralized model with smart contracts.

At Pyramidion, we help you create TRC-20 tokens based on the Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) public ledger distribution network. This network, which creates the token part of a TrustNode, provides a robust mechanism and flexibility to the token.

Create BEP-20 Tokens with Customized, Decentralized Features

BEP-20 is the Binance Smart Chain’s equivalent of the ERC 20 token standard. BEP-20 dictates the terms of how a token can be used, who can use it, etc. on the Binance Smart Chain. The BEP-20 standard is fully compatible with the ERC 20 standard, having been derived from it.

After the introduction of NFTs, Binance developed Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a parallel network to the Binance Chain. BSC is decentralized and has specific functionalities that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). BEP-20 allows developers to launch other tokens on BSC.

At Pyramidion, we create BEP-20 tokens that qualify for a high level of speed, flexibility, and decentralization.


Frequently Asked Questions

ERC 20 is known for “Ethereum Request for Comment”. It is an Ethereum token standard used to render smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Building or mining an ERC 20 token standard can bring the power of Ethereum blockchain to your cryptocurrency and lure more customers to use your platform.

Yes. An ERC20 token can be used with crypto or digital wallet supporting cryptocurrencies. It can also be used in exchange platforms and trading.

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