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Many organizations already have a work from home options for their employees; this mainly helps the people who have health issues and can’t travel for work, people with infants or people who have to take care of somebody else. The work from home situation is beneficial to employers and employees because studies show that the comfort level of the employee is directly proportional to work productivity. So many companies understand this aspect and have work from home options for their employees.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous companies all over the globe have to suddenly halt their conventional working methods and adapt to new working strategies. It’s the employer’s job to make sure that the employees are in a safe and healthy environment while doing work from home.
Making sure that there are enough equipment and technologies like a laptop, good internet connection, communication tools is just not enough, ensuring the safety and health of the workers is even more critical.
How Can Employers Check on Safety?
Working from home is not same for everyone, so the best way for employers to check on the safety and health of the employees is by having regular inspections of their work from home environment. This working from home environment inspection can be done by using the paperless examination.
The paperless inspection is nothing but a form which should be filled by the employees, and it also has image uploading options to take pictures of the working environment. This process can be done via mobile phones and the information filled is sent to the HR department or the office for inspection. If they feel the working environment is not suitable or safe, then they can ask the employees to fix the situation, and further help them to achieve the best results possible. In the times of crisis, being supportive and communication are two vital things.
Here are some more ideas on how to make the work from home comfortable and straightforward for employees
Remote Work Policy
The Employers should clearly have a standard work from home policy for all their teams. This will allow the employee to understand the company’s expectations of working remotely and help them to be more productive. The policy can be altered based on the work, team size and company needs but still a “standard policy” is needed so that all the teams are treated equally.
Accessibility to Tools
Communication is the crucial aspect when it comes to remote working, so there should be professional tools to communicate, such as slack and zoom for messaging and video conferencing, respectively. To have easy access to all the resources management tools are absolutely essential for the employees. And, working from home means no company’s WiFi and usage of personal internet connections, this may cause security problems, so setting up security tools is also necessary.
Get Feedback
To know how all the employees are coping up with the situation ask them directly, don’t be hesitant to get their opinion and feedback because this will help the companies to be better and have a productive and safe environment. Ask them questions as a group through video or audio conference, and individually as well, moreover, anonymous feedbacks can give employers honest opinions and problems.
Therefore, sudden changes in the working environment may take time for employees to adjust and understand the work requirements. And, employers should provide essential things and guidance to make working from home more comfortable and productive.
Some Responsibilities To Be Followed By The Employees
The employees should also lend a hand to carry out effective work from the home process. They should follow the guidelines provided by the employer. Here are a few pointers which should be followed in order to attain effective work by the employees from being at home.
Set Up A Functional Workspace
Most of the people won’t have designed workspace. But it is necessary to have a private space with a quiet environment to have a proper concentration on work without any distraction. Hence the employees who are working from home need to create a separate space for work and they should avoid using that space for other activities. Also to work effectively, ensure that you have the needed technology and ways to connect with other employees. Here are some pointers that help you to attain an effective workspace.

  • A safe environment which is free from trip hazards is essential to bring out an effective workspace.
  • A broadly safe environment which consists of an exit, smoke alarms and a first aid kit should be included.
  • Appropriate lighting and ventilation are essential to creating a pleasant workspace.
  • Ergonomic needs such as a desk large enough for tasks, phone and mouse within reach is crucial.
  • A chair that has the adjustment facility to ensure your feet are flat on the floor.
  • A desktop screen that should be positioned for your eyes to meet the top of the screen in order to reduce the health complexities.

Follow The Ground Rules
The employee should understand the employers’ requirements to be a successful remote worker. Also, they should understand if the employer requires to follow the nine to five schedule. The employees need to clarify on what medium do they have to communicate with other employees. Also, the employees require network access, passcode along with all the essential credentials to work effectively. The employees need to obey the lawful directions and work to the best of their ability. Thus, the employees become accustomed to the new routines to work effectively.
Use Phone Apps
If your work involves making more number of calls, then you can make use of free apps to make international calls. Thus, you can work effectively with the help of phone apps.
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