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A word on what’s new in Flutter 1.7

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When speaking of one of the prominent and still growing mobile app framework it has to be Flutter for sure. Having accumulated roughly 70,000 stars in the GitHub repository and having been embraced by most of the developers, its fame is still growing. The development team is fervently striving to close all the issues and it has so far sorted out over 1250 reports in the 2 months since Flutter 1.5 launched. Now they have provided an enhanced update in the form of Flutter 1.7. Let’s speak something about this framework’s latest version.

Flutter 1.7 has now enabled Flutter to support the AndroidX support library. This library allows developers to balance the usage of the latest components along with backward compatibility. It is open-sourced so that the developer base can be in acquainted with the most recent versions. As a majority of the Flutter’s packages have been optimized to support AndroidX, the developer base now has made it possible to develop newer AndroidX integrated Flutter projects.

Although there is still a couple of years for Google to cease support for 32-bit native applications, there are bound to be other restrictions very soon enough. From next month onwards, the apps with native libraries and Android 9 Pie or more advanced versions have to offer 64-bit support as well. Speaking of that Flutter has already begun supporting 64-bit Android apps. But Flutter 1.7 allows the development of Android App Bundles with 32 bit as well as 64-bit app versions. With the August 1st deadline fast approaching, the native app developers now find it simple to use Flutter to support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Despite Flutter aspiring to be all-encompassing with respect to cross-platform development framework, its concentration to a large extent is on supporting the mobile OS. This is the reason for the frequent addition of newer widgets and the such which can prove beneficial enough for both the app developer base and the UI designer base. In Flutter 1.7 there is the inclusion of a new RangeSlider material value component. Other things include an optimized SnackBar widget and enhanced Widgets for both iOS and Cupertino.

Game controllers can rejoice as Flutter will now support them as well. The potential for the game-controller base to use Flutter is enormous despite the fact that it is not simple enough to code a fully functional game on Flutter. Another new feature is the Font Features property which helps the developer base to define style(s) for some given fonts. In the Flutter API directory, you can avail all the use cases of the property

Despite the Flutter release not having added too many features, it has been optimised to enhance and provide support for important APIs and libraries for simple apps.

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