Why Swipe Is Important for Mobile Navigation

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What exactly does Swiping imply in Applications?

As per Google, Swiping is very much different from the other associated gestures in mobile apps like flicking or scrolling.

Coming to the app design related domain where one of the primary objectives is to manipulate the basic notions, the concept of swiping can be effective for application surfing.

Most of this is done via the thumb. This implies that availing everything in the application, should not make the users to consistently overstretch their thumb for everything or do the necessary alterations so as to carry out the work. Here the concept of Swiping applies perfectly.


Why Swiping is important:

Seeing the last point, Swiping is very much important from the UX designer perspective. The left-right swiping concept is similar to how we associate with the concept of time. It is that fast and instinctive. In case of the apps where there is the need to carry out browsing that quickly, swiping will captivate the user in that short span of time. If on the contrast, browsing itself becomes a long process or befuddles the users visually, the retention rate is impacted negatively.

Even when coming to decisions involving rejections, the swiping concept will ensure positive user reception seeing that they prefer to reject negative options rather than being choosing them without any options. This can be manipulated effectively by the Application designers for the application.

A research revealed that the shopping apps manipulate swiping for retention in the form of users and for the users to retain what exactly they need.


Deciding if Swiping is best suited for your app:

Mobiles are gaining the upper hand over computers in terms of usage and Swiping is showing how prominent it is in this scenario. This has impacted cross-platform utility-related issues considerably. Swiping won’t be effective from the Desktop Computer point of view taking the interface into account.

Coming to the eCommerce industry in the mobile domain, swiping will be effective if you are focused on giving products with visual treats. Depending upon the products being sold, it can also give insight on whether swiping is the right fit for you.

As users are very much distracted, a swiping gesture will be better than scrolling or be clicking with the help of a button.



Swiping won’t be effective if you don’t convey to the users how exactly it will be effective from the user’s point of view. Cleverly using swiping can enhance the user experience in your application and ultimately user retention.

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