Why Should you Consider Mobile App Development Done Using Flutter?

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luterorbes has revealed a sad truth stating that only 1 out of every Startup business succeed in whatever they do. Every Startup has to deal with its failures before they can proceed onward to achieve success.

The success of a Startup is chiefly associated with the freshness of the Startup’s vision, the knowledge regarding the products as well as the present market and finally how the budget is being managed effectively.

Irrespective of what the Startup might be focused on, the need of the hour is that every such business must contemplate having its own mobile application as the entire world is going mobile. The potential of having a mobile app for any business is very tremendous and what if such an app is developed on both the iOS and Android platforms? This is exactly where we can begin speaking about getting Cross-platform Mobile App Development carried out using Google’s SDK called Flutter.

So what exactly is Cross-platform Mobile App Development?

Mobile Application Development is split into two categories. The first one called Native Application Development deals with creating a mobile app individually in the iOS and the Android platforms. The graphics are good and there is a native feel to this type of applications. They can also be completely integrated with all the devices.

However, the main drawback here is that two separate teams are needed to get the app developed in the iOS and the Android platform. This can cause both the budget and the time to overshoot and this will greatly impact the startup in many ways.

The second category in mobile app development is Cross-platform App Development where only a single team will be working to get the app released on both the platforms. Here time and money are saved considerably.

Now how about carrying out Cross-platform Application Development by using the open-source mobile application development framework of Google called Flutter?

Ever since its Initial release in 2017, the developer-friendly Flutter has been offering several benefits when it comes to mobile application development. Some of them are listed below –

  • It uses a single code base, and this is used by the simple to use Dart language which is as well as a brainchild of Google.
  • Flutter based setup and configurations are very easy and there is the Flutter Doctor which can immediately spot any problems in a given system.
  • It is very much faster than React Native when it comes to performance.
  • Design time is cut down greatly because of its proprietary widgets for Cupertino and Material Design Components.
  • Every hardware specific API is now available for Flutter.
  • Both iOS and Android App Development are done simultaneously and most importantly finished successfully within a given time. Thereby the Cost and time involved in development are greatly conserved.

Despite being a relative newcomer, several business giants like Alibaba and Tencent have had their mobile apps developed using Flutter. Google has built Google Ads specific mobile apps and its very own Google Greentea app bu using Flutter.

Ending Lines:

This present business world does indeed realize how a mobile application can bring in greater success for each and every business.
Thereby as an entrepreneur who embraces Flutter in getting a cross-platform mobile app developed, Flutter is definitely the best and reliable option here. Hire Flutter Developers at Pyramidion Solutions

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As a prominent Flutter App Development Company from Toronto that is chiefly known for creating Cross-platform Mobile Apps, Pyramidion Solutions has no doubt used the right technologies like Flutter to develop robust functioning apps on time for every one of its clients.

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