Why Multilingual Applications Are Important Today

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English is no doubt an almost universally spoken language where it features over 1.5 billion speakers across the globe. Such is its presence that it has now virtually a default language used in mobile app and website development. However, the real fact is that the most spoken language in the world is Chinese followed by Spanish and then only English.

In this millennium every enterprise should definitely appeal to people from different languages to have a global presence and an even bigger user base ultimately contributing to a success factor that cant be measured by any scale. The answer, in this case, is opting for Multilingual Applications.

If fascinated by this idea and you are contemplating to implement this in your business, the following tips will prove very much valuable for you.

1. Opting for a right choice from either Human Translator or a Machine oriented one:

Both these classifications of translators have their advantages and pitfalls. In case of the machine translators, they get things done quickly and can be considered as an economical option. However, the downsides are that they don’t have the innovative power that humans possess. Thereby the ultimate choice has to be done wisely as per your needs.

2. Carrying out the concept of Localization:

For apps having a user base across several different countries, localization is mandatory seeing that the user can associate with sites which feature their native language. This is effective for a few languages. However, when the translation of languages numbering in the dozens takes place, the app’s UI and other app properties related to those specific countries are impacted as well.

This implies proper manipulation of the best software with regards to implementing the correct localization properties so that any user from all over the world can feel inclined to use the app.

3. Contemplating the Conceptualization of a Native Language Test Plan:

Develop a basic plan for the application in English and do for the other languages that you are targetting. It is important to prioritize all the languages featured in your application with the same importance you give to English in all aspects of user experience. For the translation work to be streamlined avail the help of Native speakers.

4. Emphasis on providing more Space in the application for the languages:

When working initially on English with regards to the layout for the app of yours, there should be extra space conserved seeing that other languages will definitely consume 30% more space than English. Therefore for better UI/UX appeal with regards to the other languages in your application, the layout plan must be created with priority to fit longer words.

5. Implement Internalization Software Support:

This Internalization Software support will definitely ascertain that the users speaking different languages from all over the world can see that the elements like the time, date and the such are featured in the right way. A particular culture related symbols can be applied to other cultures featured in the application as well.

Ending Points:

The development work associated with a multi-language featuring app can be a herculean task indeed. As an entrepreneur, you are definitely bound to face several problems when catering to the different language speakers from all across the world. Each and every button and screen have to be translated into all the languages featured in the application. A misstep in any of the process no matter how small it may be will surely make users abandon your app.

A good suggestion is to avail the services of an app development company which has the expertise to address your dream of a multilingual application by effectively translating all the languages you want in the app for its features and also to make the app compatible in terms of language for the users from all across the world.

Author Bio:

Pyramidion Solutions from Chennai is a prominent mobile app development company across India and has acquired a sizeable client base from international countries as well in the 6 years since its inception. It has already developed iOS and Android apps featuring several different languages when it comes to the Indian Nation.

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