Why Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Overtake Our Lives In the Near Future

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In the present world, we rely on Google to get whatever info we need. Speaking of getting proper directions when we travel outside, it is Google Maps or some navigational applications that guide us. And with that in mind, let’s discuss in detail about how these apps and such software apply Artificial Intelligence to serve us effectively.

At present this world is in the midst of the fourth major economic revolution. Speaking of the first such revolution it was related to Agriculture. It was followed by the Industrial Revolution and thirdly came the revolution that was associated with Information Technology which has still not faded away. This IT revolution has heralded the latest one which is Artificial Intelligence Revolution. This fourth revolution has definitely spearheaded a future where machines will supplant human beings when it comes to performing tasks in various fields.

It is evident that there is a greater acceptance of Artificial Intelligence nowadays. What’s more, with the enhanced cloud technology, cheaper yet powerful internet connections and greater embracement of Big Data Analytics, this latest major revolution won’t lose prominence even after eons for sure.

If you have a look at the very near future, it is predicted that by the close of the year 2022, nearly half of our tasks will be done by using Artificial Intelligence.

Speaking in detail as to what Artificial Intelligence will do at that specific time, the World Economic Forum revealed some predictions that are listed below-

At present, almost 85% of the tasks associated with management, development, and coordination are dealt with solely by humans. Speaking of AI which now contributes to the remaining 15% of the work, it will deal with 25% of the work by 2022.

Related to the very advanced and complex technical work, AI at present is dealing with only 36% of the total work. In 2022, this will increase to 40% and the remaining 60% of the work will be dealt with by humans alone.

Last but not least, AI is at present dealing with only 38% of all the manual work and it’s the humans who are contributing to the rest (i.e 62%). However, by 2022, the tables would have turned for sure where it will be AI which will have the upper hand by contributing to a whopping 56% of the work thereby overshadowing the human contribution.

Speaking of its supremacy, now it is the IT sector which is immensely benefitted by AI. All the other domains like education, finance, manufacturing, and transportation will steadily but surely gain momentum when it comes to embracing the power of AI.

When the world was in the midst of the second revolution, it was actually predicted that Artificial Intelligence will surely dominate the world in the future. With regards to that old prophecy, the AI era has already begun and it will soon dominate the entire world for sure.


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