Why Are User Stories Imperative For Streamlining Mobile Application Development

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When opting to get a mobile app developed for you, leveraging the power of User Stories will serve that effective as it syncs you with the development team despite the fact that you don’t have any technical background. The entire development work is accelerated with no compromise in the quality offered as the project scope is very clear now.

User Stories is termed as a description which details everything related to the working of the yet to be developed mobile application in a simple way such that it is understandable by everyone associated with the project.


Key points constituting a robust User Story

They should never be dependent in all cases so it is recommended going for a big user case rather than opting for ones that are inclined to be dependent. This is because in the latter case, there will be complications for sure when it comes to the work associated with estimation and organizing everything.

Next, they must be written featuring only the fundamental specifications in the description. If at a later point there is a need for additional details then the development team can arrange a discussion with the client. This signifies that once user stories are created they don’t feature every detail related to the functionality as associated with the app.

The User Story must be compact and precise with the needed info so that the developers know how exactly to handle the work perfectly. Speaking about its size the other factors taken into account include everything related to the team which will handle the work.

Ultimately the User Story has to be held in high regards by the end users of the application/website and the client as well.

All these key points are signified to belong to the given User Story if the entire team behind the work should join forces and discuss fine-tuning that User Story during every Sprint.


Now how about we have a word on how User Stories can add value to your business.

(i) Firstly they make the client and the development team form a close bond and this helps both of them in getting everything conveyed clearly. This way the opinions and queries from both the parties are cleared immediately

(ii) As implied in the beginning, a User Story makes everything clear for the development team and the clients as well so that the apt software is developed

(iii) The development work can proceed only with a few User Stories at the beginning and as the work progresses even more of them can be included by conducting Refinement Meetings. This is the right fit for the case of developing a product where specific things are not clear initially and there are bound to change as the work process begins. In other words, it is compatible with the approach known as Opportunistic Design where you can’t remember every detail and also cannot predict what might change in the future regarding the work.

(iv) They also help in bringing actual users into the picture and based on their input the relevant changes can be made to enhance your product.

(v) As implied at the beginning of the article everyone associated with the project will know everything related to the project no matter how big or fundamental it is.



From the article, we know how a User Story is important with regards to any type of Mobile Application / Website Development. This is because it gives a clear understanding of the entire project scope to everyone so as to bond everyone involved in the work. Speaking of the user base it can get associated with the concept that is Process Modeling.


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Pyramidion Solutions from Chennai is a mobile app development company that is definitely one of a kind in its domain. This is primarily because unlike the others it operates with a motto to understand everything from the client’s perspective as well as how exactly their user base will be benefitted from the client’s vision. It also involves in scrutinizing everything provided by the client and shares its opinions until it is assured that the project scope is confirmed to be a success when released.

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