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Why Are Mobile App Startups Embracing Flutter

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Ever since its initial release which happened a year ago, Flutter has won the hearts of mobile startups as their most trustworthy mobile framework which gets done economically and on time as well.

Now, this article will precisely define why that aforementioned statement is indeed a reality.

Speaking of Flutter it is the brainchild of Google that resulted from the amalgamation of all its innovative designs and technologies.

Having its base in Google’s programming language called Dart, there are brand-new features in Flutter that can well alter the whole cross-platform domain. Powerful Mobile Apps are developed quickly and the design elements featured in them are well suited with the native self of both iOS and Android.

Before going proceeding further, let’s speak why every Startup should contemplate Cross-Platform Application Development.

Mobile App Development is typically categorized into Native Applications and Cross-Platform based Mobile Applications.

Here Native Apps are solely developed for only one platform (be it iOS or Android). However, Cross-Platform Apps are developed to function on both the platforms.

The major advantages associated with Cross-Platform App Development are listed below-

(i) Development Effort is cut down and the associated time is sped up: As the work here is limited only to a single code base, the development time is very much shorter for Cross-Platform App Development. The development related efforts over here are also less taxing.

(ii) Time involved in Testing is shortened: Now QA work is limited only to a single version of the application

(iii) App Development Cost is very economical: As both App Development and Testing are now simplified, the resource time allocation is shortened.

(iv) Less time involved in Marketing: Seeing that the app is developed well ahead in time so that it can be marketed quick enough.

Now you know how you can get ahead of your competitors if you contemplate Cross-Platform App Development.

Despite these numerous advantages, some people are still inclined towards Native App Development. This is because these cross-platform apps are slow and also because they don’t offer the feel of a native app or work like one.

Now that Flutter is here, all these aforementioned reasons can be laid to rest.

Although Flutter App Development’s fame has skyrocketed, there are some concerns stemming from the fact that its framework is relatively new. However, since world-renowned enterprises including Alibaba, Square, Firebase and Tencent are now either inclined towards app development done using Flutter or are supporting it wholeheartedly, this concern is also eliminated from the picture.

Let’s now get to the facts regarding why Flutter is indeed the ideal fit for Mobile App Startups.

1. Breaking prevalent hurdles that are associated with the cross-platform route:

It is very true that the user experience offered in a Native App is very different from its Cross-Platform counterpart.
But with Flutter, you have all the native UI elements which can for sure create a great native experience.

2. Enhancement of every developers’ productivity:

The hot reload feature is the main reason for the increased productivity of the developer base which uses Flutter. Now the developers don’t have to recompile anything and thereby the entire mobile app development time is cut down considerably.

3. Offering an Exceptional Design Experience:

The fusion of both Flutter and Material Design guarantees a robust UI experience. Moreover, it feels like an experience that is actually from a Native Mobile Application due to Flutter’s own customized widgets.

4. Potential associated with Backend Development:

Google’s own Firebase helps a lot in many things including cloud functioning/storage, hosting and authentication. It has everything to develop a serverless and scalable infrastructure. Ultimately the backend development is now both simplified and quick.

5. The association with Fuchsia :

The potential of this currently developed OS is said to be very immense. It is predicted to play a major role in the Augmented/Virtual Reality Technological Domain as well. It is also said to be a revolutionary key player in the IoT domain along with Flutter.

Since it has its roots in Flutter, this is also a reason for this cross-platform tool to be very prominent.


In the end, you can now realize how Flutter can pave the way for Mobile app Development that is not only futuristic and fast but economically prized as well.

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Pyramidion Solutions has gained fame as a mobile app development company in Toronto which has caught the attention of everybody by developing powerful Cross-Platform Apps using the highly popular Flutter framework.

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