Why AngularJS Is the Best When it Comes to Application Development

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It is true that the App development world has grown by leaps and bounds. For an app developer, there are virtually boundless options to choose from when it comes to Frameworks, Programming languages, Platforms and the such.

Speaking of Frameworks in detail, the developer base is inclined towards a particular one when taking HTML codes, the open source framework, and other such factors into account.

This is when Angular JS from Google enters the picture. Google conceptualized this framework to make the front end development-oriented work very much easy.

Over the 9 years since it was launched, its popularity as the best when it comes to Javascript frameworks is still unparalleled.

Since its dispatch, it has kept on improving the situation than dynamic page stacking by offering an incredible client encounter.

Be it video streaming apps, weather apps, e-Commerce apps or virtually any type of app, Angular JS is the right fit for you if you want the best in terms of user experience.

This article will clearly give you insight regarding the above point by explaining some key features which made Angular JS that famous in the first place.


Simplicity in Coding:

Firstly the apps can be developed with minimal work involved in coding. The codes written are very simple to understand and store as well.


Model-View-Controller Architecture:

The smooth yet robust MVC architecture featured in Angular JS simplifies the developer’s work to create client-side web applications. The elements are created individually and merged easily via Angular JS framework. There is also no need to carry out coding in order to combine these elements.

Rest assured the work involved in setting up the MVC elements are carried out as per the project requirements.


Very simple Testing Strategies:

Angular JS allows code development to take place separately and offers the testing related work to be carried out without a hitch.

Only the specific modules and segments can be tested here without touching the other ones. This amazing feature allows automated testing to be carried out with relative ease.


UI with HTML:

This framework manipulates the power of the HTML to develop a powerful User Interface. This is because HTML uses short tags and they can be widened as well.



The last one featured in this list is the fact that the framework allows the developers to create several modules all for a given app. All these modules are dependent on every other and they can be integrated to create the app. Speaking of Angular JS it knows when to automatically develop another module which can be combined with the other ones.


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Pyramidion Solutions is a mobile application development company which knows how exactly to leverage the power of Angular JS framework to get your app developed that well. Having great knowledge of all the app development frameworks it knows which is the right fit to get your job done successfully.

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