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In the field of technology, ReactJS technology is well-known. ReactJS was the second most popular web framework in 2020. As a consequence, you are aware of the most appropriate technology to use for the upcoming project. Finding a qualified developer who satisfies your product’s specifications, on the other hand, can be difficult. This blog can assist you in this case because we have highlighted important factors to consider to hire ReactJS developers in India. But first, let’s have a look at ReactJS in general.

  • As of 2020, global IoT spending has surpassed $1 trillion. 
  • Furthermore, by 2025, 75.44 billion IoT devices are predicted to be installed.
  • React is used by over 9750 well-known organizations and 90,000 websites worldwide. Well-known React apps include Netflix, Amazon, Instagram, and Codecademy.
  • A 2020 Stackoverflow developer survey found that 68.9% of developers are interested in utilizing React in the future.

All these above statistics prove how popular ReactJS and IoT are and how their comn=bination can make you attain huge success. Let us know more about ReactJS in detail and how to hire IoT developers in India.

What is ReactJS Technology?

ReactJS is a free JavaScript tool for developing user interfaces and troubleshooting website problems. This approach can also be used to build single-page applications. Many well-known companies, including Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and others, have set a strong example by incorporating React into their projects.

This technology is currently being used for economic gain by over 9,600,000 active websites and 10,234 well-known businesses. Although ReactJS is the most widely used platform for creating user interfaces, there are alternatives. ReactJS is the sixth-most demanding JS library, according to a survey of the top 10,000 websites.

But why do people use ReactJS when they have other options? Many people believe it is the best option because of benefits such as

  • Simplicity
  • Quick rendering
  • Convenience
  • User-friendly Interfaces
  • Higher versatility

This framework has the potential to be used to create a functional internet application.

Features of ReactJS

Visualization alone is not always sufficient to change the code. Websites slow down and, in rare situations, crash as a result. The Virtual DOM in ReactJS can help with this. 

  • The virtual DOM is a replica of the real DOM. After modification, the cloned DOM is compared to the original DOM. This method saves both time and effort. Concerns about rendering that arose during the development of the code were also addressed.
  • ReactJS’s information flow is unidirectional. One-way data binding is the name of this function. This feature helps to improve data control. Data is sent from a parent component to a child component via reading requirements. The child component provides no information to the parent component.
  • JavaScript was used to write the logic for the various ReactJS components. As a result, software-based data transmission becomes more straightforward.
  • The JSX format is used to write JavaScript. Its goal is to widen the syntax of JavaScript. JSX is a JavaScript/XML hybrid method. Since the components are simple, they are easy to put together.
  • In ReactJS, there are four options. These techniques have a finite shelf life and can only be used until a specified point in the application. They are the following four,
  • component Did Mount
  • component Did Update
  • component Will Unmount
  • should Component Update

Benefits and Drawbacks of ReactJS

There are numerous benefits to hiring ReactJS developers in India. 

  • One of the main advantages of ReactJS is that it makes code easier to read and understand. This is because ReactJS uses declarative programming, which makes code easier to understand than in other programming languages.
  • ReactJS also has the advantage of employing a virtual DOM, which enables UI changes without having to reload the page. As a result, your online application will be substantially faster and more responsive. 
  • ReactJS can save time when designing apps that use similar components because it generates reusable components. 
  • Additionally, ReactJS is often updated with new features and bug fixes, which may help with development speed.

However, there are certain disadvantages to using ReactJS. One of the key downsides is that learning may be tough. This is because it implements programming differently than the bulk of other languages. Debugging ReactJS applications can be tricky at times due to the way the code is written.

IoT and its Unmatchable Power

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a tremendous technological revolution that is revolutionizing everything from simple customer applications to complex manufacturing and industrial uses. The Internet of Things has the potential to alter business outcomes across a wide range of industries.

The significant figures listed below will shape the future of IoT,

  • By 2019, there will be 14.2 billion connected devices in use.
  • The number of Internet of Things initiatives in the entertainment industry will increase by 54%.
  • The industry is forecast to invest $40 billion in each of the IoT platforms, systems, and services.
  • The global smart home market is expected to be worth more than $50 billion.
  • The market for wearable technology will expand by 31%.

Data acquired by linked Internet of Things devices on millions of criteria is then used to train and construct artificial intelligence systems. Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are teaming up to create a fully automated future. As a result, ensuring that employees understand how IoT, Big Data, and AI help one another is the most crucial step in achieving big breakthroughs in company operations and quality of life.

Tips to Hire the Right IoT Developer

Core Services in App Development

Aside from the widely-known Android and iOS platforms, as well as BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, certain systems are looking for cross-platform solutions. Even though the vast majority of mobile app development companies offer services for all of these platforms, each has a specific specialization. Inquire with the company about outsourcing the entire project or parts of it.

Development Team Location 

Inquire about the company’s location to see whether any ReactJS developers work there. This is excellent for long-term projects that do not require a full-time developer. To understand more about the services that can be provided, inquire about infrastructure and engagement models to hire ReactJS developers in India. You must guarantee that your development team is prepared to handle any new IoT technologies or SDK requirements for mobile platforms.

UI/ UX Design

The majority of users will exit an application if it is created in a user-hostile manner. The application must be responsive, easy to use, and engaging. As a result, hiring an IoT developer with strong UI/UX design abilities is the best alternative.

API Automation

IoT systems process vast amounts of data and interfaces. As a result, IoT operability has emerged as a critical component of project success. For the gadget to function effectively, an app developer must be able to link manual testing and automatic APIs.

Past Experience

Obtain prior clients’ names and contact information, and also information on their applications, to evaluate the quality of their work and the success of their applications. It will help you grasp the organization’s technologies and capabilities better. Inquire about their most recent project and former customers.

Project Timeline and Costs 

Determine how long it will take to complete the project and gather information step by step to guarantee that it is done within the time frame specified. The complete project cost, and any additional support packages for the application’s maintenance and servicing, must be determined ahead of time. Discover how the app will be thoroughly tested so that flaws can be detected and repaired as soon as feasible. Also, examine their style, area of specialty, and service rates.

Consider Passion

Hire ReactJS developers in India and IoT developers that are enthusiastic about using technology to give a new service to customers, who are dedicated to their profession, and who genuinely enjoy what they do. This ensures that your app is lucrative and that you believe in your company.

Finding the Right IoT Developer

There are several factors to consider when hiring a ReactJS developer for your forthcoming IoT project. Here are some ideas for finding qualified IoT developers,

  • Examine the developer’s technical knowledge and ReactJS experience.
  • Check that the developer is conversant with the IoT platform you are employing.
  • Check to see if they will fit in with your company culture and get along with your employees.
  • Request examples of previous work.
  • Check the developer’s code for correctness.
  • Take advantage of the developer’s availability at all times.
  • Request feedback from previous customers.
  • Inquire with the developer if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Ask the following questions before hiring an IoT developer,

  • Do they have experience working with version control systems?
  • Do they have extensive knowledge of React, IoT Fundamentals & Styling Strategies?
  • Do they have excellence in Adjacent technologies?
  • Do they have flexible learning curves?
  • Are they familiar with testing frameworks & tools?
  • Do they have experience working with ReactJS workflows?
  • Are they proficient in JavaScript & ECMAScript?
  • Is there a commonality between JavaScript build tools?

How Much Does Hiring IoT Developers Cost?

In light of all the above, let’s look at the salaries of IoT developers in various countries to see which option best matches your demands.

Country Rate Per Hour
India $10-$20
Ukraine $30-$80
China $40-$80
Netherlands $45-$90
USA $100-$150

The Internet of Things Expected Development in the Future

Because of the ease with which corporations, governments, and consumers will be able to communicate with the physical world in the future, the Internet of Things has been dubbed the next Industrial Revolution or the next Internet.

The Internet of Things is a fictitious scenario in which items, including animals and humans, are assigned unique identifiers and automatically send data across a network without the need for human or computer interaction.

In a word, everything is connected via IP and talks with one another using predefined logic. 

  • A refrigerator, for example, can order milk on its own, and rent is about to expire based on previous consumption trends. 
  • People and animals are categorized as things, which means they will exist even if they are attached to objects like medical equipment or household appliances.

The Internet of Items (IoT) is a network that uses wireless and cable internet connections to connect physical devices and sensors embedded in or attached to things. It will then connect inanimate and living objects, collect data through sensors, and finally identify, monitor, and interact with objects through an IP network.

IoT Apps and ReactJS

As a result of ReactJS, the IoT app development industry will expand. Although it was not created with IoT solutions in mind, features like rapid rendering and compositional structure have many applications. Because of its independent codebase, enhanced code readability, and other characteristics, ReactJS is an excellent choice for IoT projects. Consequently, it’s realistic to expect ReactJS to play a major role in the future of IoT.


Today, making sound decisions is critical. Many people adore the word for good reason: gone are the days when no one knew what was printed on the back of a package. The average customer recognizes that the label lacks information, and this is the decisive factor. As a result, enhanced market transparency is required, which IoT facilitates.

Right now, IoT has a bright future. There will be 25 billion connected devices by 2020. The Internet of Things is quickly becoming the key driver of industry change. Its destructive impact will pervade all sectors of civilization.

There are various factors to consider to hire ReactJS developers India for your forthcoming IoT project. If you follow the guidelines in this post, you should be able to identify the finest ReactJS developer for your specific needs and requirements. With the assistance of a qualified ReactJS developer, you can bring your IoT project to life and present your users with a one-of-a-kind experience!

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