What are the Special Traits that Define a Great UX Designer

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You might be a UX designer, but do you have the doubt that you are really good at it?

Featured below are 36 points which are mandatory with respect to a good UX designer:

UI Designers

  • Keep on asking questions and listen to stuff that aligns with you.
  • Be open to criticism and never completely rely on people who always praise you.
  • Effective as a UX designer is to be humble, jovial and most importantly never exaggerating your potential.
  • Don’t be enthralled by what new titles offer with respect to UX and use which seems the best fit for you.
  • Never be charmed by your design work even though it may be great.
  • With the progress of time, everything varies. Therefore keep learning continuously and cover topics apart from design as well
  • Focus on accomplishing milestones for effective success.
  • Associate deeply with the user base which manipulates your product so that you are knowing that you are giving greater attention to it.
  • Remember as a designer you have more effective than what you really know.
  • Help from others is impossible if they can barely hear what are your problems
  • When being pressurized by the work at times then take a break and get some peace of mind.
  • Convey everything in simple terms
  • Refrain from hearing pieces of advice regarding design which feature no context at all.
  • Stop forming a self-biased opinion regarding your design work. That work is for the user base.
  • There is room to look at the past work and see if any new enhancements can be integrated.
  • In many cases, the designers can’t control everything related to the output and thereby they should be practical and not allow it to impact them deeply.
  • Prioritize feedback which may be an obstacle to your goal in work, yet don’t let it affect you very emotionally.
  • Design tools are merely tools in your use and that’s it.
  • Stop excessively comparing yourself with others.
  • Your design work is to satiate the user and thus the enterprise as a whole.
  • Be in the company of people who are constant motivators.
  • Remember that your work might not be released and that should not affect you.
  • Stay cool from the pressures of product deadline.
  • Be frank if you don’t know a given thing.
  • Be on the lookout for jobs even though you may not need it. This is a good way to gain more contacts.
  • Design work alone won’t accomplish everything related to success.
  • Be inclined to a specific process when beginning a work.
  • Update everything including accomplishments as time proceeds further. This applies to major decisions as well
  • Collaborate with other designers with the end goal of a better outcome at work.
  • Seek challenges related to design very wisely without proceeding rashly in the initial phase.
  • Don’t be an annoying critic of other works and have an insight of what they did actually.
  • Strategize effectively for better chances to work with a technological giant.
  • Have deep enlightenment of the problem you want to solve.
  • A good UX designer does not lack the right self-confidence.
  • Don’t be secretive about your design works.
  • The work related to UX design is a thrill-filled adventure.


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