Volvo Teaming Up With Uber With Regards To Providing Automated Vehicles

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The ride-hailing giant Uber is all set to purchase up to 24,000 self-driving cars associated with Volvo, where it serves to be a major ambitious move of the San Francisco based brand. This marks a radical shift from the brand where the app was manipulated to avail a taxi to the owner and the operator associated with a given set of vehicles.


This non-binding structured deal between both the brands serves effectively for the ride-hailing giant to tackle the prevalence of issues which bothered it with respect to its ventures associated with the self-driving sector so as to gain the advantage in Silicon Valley’s intense vying for developing the best-automated systems related to driving.


The amalgamation of Volvo’s vehicle fleet along with the venture taken by Uber with respect to self-driving technology is related to the long-lasting relationship between both the brands summing up to three years. It also comes at a time where the latter’s self- driving sector was plagued and troubled with a lawsuit related to the disclosure of confidential trade statistics and the exit of top talents and officials.


There has been the development of unlikely alliance between vehicle manufacturers, ride-hailing giants and innovative tech startups so as to get a dominant position in the market by enhancing self-driving technology so as to acquire stacks in what is assumed to be a venture worth multi-billion dollars.


Related to a non-exclusive deal which was signed to last from 2019 to the turn of the next decade, the Volvo brand which is owned by the multinational automotive manufacturing company Geely will furnish Uber with the sophisticated and advanced crown jewel product of it namely the XC90 SUVs which are integrated with the latest autonomous technology. The deal surmised to more than 24,000 vehicles as noted by a Volvo Spokesperson.


It is Uber’s sector related to Advanced Technologies Group which will integrate the self-driving system into the Volvo cars which are to be developed and manufactured.

In the event should the ride-hailing service purchase all the aforementioned 24,000 cars, it will serve to be Volvo’s largest and most ambitious sale as related to the self-driving vehicle domain.This is taken into consideration seeing how the former is facing losses summing up to more than $600 million in a quarter as related to its initial fleet of cars.

Volvo XC90 is featured for sale starting from a price tag of precisely $50,000.


It’s been more than a year ever since Uber ventured into experimenting with prototype Volvo cars featuring safety drivers in the front who can take up charge if the autonomous self-driving system runs into any problems or mishaps associated with malfunctioning. This was carried out in Tempe, Arizona, and Pittsburgh. Jeff Miller who is Uber’s head of automotive alliances noted that the main aim ever since the inception was to invest in a vehicle which is featured to be developed at a given scale.


The cars which are to be developed with the sophisticated technology can be availed and commanded for rides not featuring any driver with the help of the Uber App to pick them up.


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