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Validating your App Idea: An Insight

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One beautiful day you will be discussing your app idea to your friends, and they may be coming with varied opinions. Some may even feel that it is a brilliant idea. You will be in a hurry to commence developing the app and bring it to the market as early as possible. However, you should not make this mistake. The key lies in a profound process of idea validation.

Now let us see some essential points that you must consider while validating your app idea:

Extensive research

The most crucial thing in making out whether your app idea is good is by performing a detailed analysis. For this, you should gain a clear insight into the market pertaining to the app idea. You should ensure that your app idea is unique.

Assess the app store charts

By doing this, you can gain some great insights into the present market trends. When you learn about the top-paying apps, you will get an idea about the top ideas that individuals are willing to invest their money.

Validate the app need

You may have begun with the intention to validate a specific app. But when talk to individuals and assess their challenges, you might even identify a need that is all more in demand. So the key here lies in querying the customers with an open mind.

Target market size understanding

You can build a list of keywords that are pertaining to your app idea. Then you can include these keywords to the Google keyword planner tool.

Gain comprehension of your app’s product market fit

Once the app is launched, it should accomplish a product market fit. You have to assess whether the target user would prefer to utilize your app over the existing apps on the store.

Demonstrate the feasibility

Proof of concept is a term which is used to exhibit the intent of the application. This is carried out without making the app public at the time of forming a spectrum of technical solutions.

Harmonize the app idea with other useful apps

Your chances of developing a successful app skyrocket if your app idea is harmonized in part of the other happening apps. If it is not, then you should reconsider the whole app idea.

The uniqueness of the app

You should think in terms of the differentiating factor of the app. The key lies in making the customer buy the product.

Get feedback from potential users

You can conduct a survey and gain feedback from this group about the app idea. It is the feedback from the prospective users that counts a lot in the success of your app.

Be updated with the technical challenges

If you do not have the technical expertise, you can consult a technical expert or those who would be dealing with the app.


A prototype is a comprehensive working model that provides the possibility to interact with the app. These prototypes have pretty few errors, but you should find them out here itself. Remember that the prototype is not the final product, and it is also prone to errors.

Minimal Viable Product

Here a minimum set of resources which are just sufficient to keep and test the product in a specific group are developed. This is then applied to assess the way the users interact with the product. You can know what to improve in your idea through this.

Create your brand identity

The brand and the associated things that you set out should convey the core idea that you wish your app to reflect. You can create a strong visual presence which will eventually gain a place in the hearts of the public.

Form a landing page

It is always a great idea, to begin with, something as easy as a landing page. Here you have to define your yardstick of success of the landing page.

App promotion

Now that you have done all the essential things, if your app doesn’t reach the target audience, the efforts that you took may turn futile. You can involve in either free or paid promotion. You can inform your family and friends, use social media forums, write blogs, etc.

So now that you know how to validate your app idea, you can find the find mobile app development company. The key lies in not hurrying up but meticulously validating it.

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