Unique Tricks App-Makers Use To Boost In-App Purchases

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The ultimate aim of a mobile app developed is to generate revenues. Thereby importance should be given to enhancing the in-app purchases and download rates for your app via effective branding strategies.


Here are some tips for that

(i) Enchanting your website visitors to download your mobile app:

App downloads imply getting huge revenues. The more people using your mobile app, the more sales happening for you. Simple as that!

Whoever visits your website must be nudged to download your app as well. An evident case is where people use to browse via smartphones.

This implies that you should have a website of yours that is well enhanced for smartphones. But coming to the supreme leader who leads the conversion rates it is the mobile application.


(ii) Manipulating the psychological advantage of FOMO:

For a start, FOMO stands for the Fear of Missing Out

This can be used to enhance your app download rates in unique ways. One such method is to combine FOMO with limited time offers targeted at the app users.

Let’s take a typical case where if your offers are same all around the year, they won’t be interested in buying. Added to that they are inclined to make purchases the next day or the next week and it goes on.

With that in mind, you can spice everything up and apply FOMO to make people buy your products immediately seeing that they don’t want to miss something that is special in a deal.


(iii) Utilizing Push Notifications and the power of Geofencing aptly:

Push Notifications can effectively interface with those who have already purchased your application seeing that your notifications are sent directly to their mobile devices. They are best suited to organize and carry out campaigns due to the large engagement rates they drive.

However, you have to handle the work related to push notifications properly as too many notifications can prove to be irksome to the user base of yours.

Thereby send Push Notifications which are worthy enough regarding the benefits the users get from it.

Seeing that point, the engagement factor is enhanced if you bring Geo-Fencing into the picture. The latter monitors the current location of the user even if the app is not being used. This obviously needs the permission of the user to be carried out!

Once the user arrives at a given area, a push notification will be generated pertaining to that area. The rest is then typical of a standard push notification.

This is just a single advantage of Geofencing whose potential is infinite in bringing more in-app purchases for you.


(iv) Refining the Checkout process in the mobile app:

A standard requirement for a good mobile app when it comes to purchasing something via it is to optimize the checkout process to be smooth, quick and secure. All the user info is archived.

This is a reason why mobile apps are winning the war in conversion rates over mobile websites.


(v) Endorsing User Referral policy:

Seeing that they offer the best results in terms of in-app purchases with fewer efforts, User Referrals are a must have for this. Integrate an already existing such program and the users will take care of the rest for you.

The enchanted users will spread the word to their families, their friends etc and there is no stopping to the rise in your download rates.


Summing up:

If you embrace and adopt these special tips into your business you will surely notice that the revenues from in-app purchases and the such are skyrocketing.


Author Bio:

Pyramidion Solutions is a mobile app development company in Chennai which apart from offering the best services in the development of iOS and Android apps for a plethora of clients also partakes in helping its clients before and after its actual work by suggesting effective recommendations to its clients on how to generate even more end goal success. Also, it helps the client base to make good app retention in the future by refining the mobile app features as per the user’s constantly changing needs and by ensuring that the client uses the best suitable strategies for in-app purchases as well.

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