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The usage of smartphones and tablets have been increasing every year. Which gives more important to mobile applications. A study by the national centre for health statistics reported that more people are increasingly relying on smartphone technology as it penetrates slowly into their lives. Applications are one of the reasons for more and more people opting for smartphones and tablets.

As per the survey conducted by market research, it is reported that on average users spend two hours and 11 minutes per day in mobile applications and this time keeps growing. Also, for the first time in 2019, it was found that people have to spend more time in applications than watching TV.
As the demand for quality apps increases, developers feels hard to survive in the market. Here, we have summarized the unique characteristics of a successful mobile application.

Characteristics of a successful mobile application
Irrespective of your business goals and models, the objective of the business should be to develop a quality mobile application that delivers high values and great user experience. There are millions of applications screaming for a standard in the market and user’s attention. To achieve success in the market the business needs to concentrate on implementing these features in the mobile application.

Solution provider Application
Before designing and developing a mobile application, it is mandatory that the developers address the customer problems and creates a solution via their app. Though this looks like the base of the application, many apps fail to meet these criteria because of flawed ideas. To achieve the stand among the ‘top 100’ status in app stores, you have to develop an application that satisfies and attracts a large scale market.

Choose the right target market for your application 
Creating a high featured app is not enough; you need to find the right market for your application. For which you need to do basic market research about the application. To save your application from the danger, go for an MVP. Once your target audience accepts the MVP, come up with a refined version of the app that includes all the required features based on the customer requirements.

Impressive UI/UX Design
User Interface and User Experience designs are the crucial part for the success of the application. With millions of the applications available in the app stores, users rely on an app that first impresses them.
An attractive and user-friendly application keeps the users hooked up during the time they spend in the application. A successful mobile application maintains colour consistently, maintains white spaces in the text, uses primary features that emphasize the visual appearance of the application.

User-Friendly and Engaging 
One of the biggest dilemmas that mobile app developers in Chennai and marketers face today is the overwhelming distraction of mobile applications. To make your app successful, ensure that your application gives easy navigation and engaging content to the users.

Loading Speed
Anything that fails to impress the user has no value in the market, similar an application that runs slowly in a fast-paced world makes the app failure irrespective how to impress it is.
If your application is slow or involves a long process to access the information, 29% of the users will instantly quit the app and moves to another application.

An app may be attractive and beautiful, but when it is not easily affordable by ordinary users, then it will eventually fail in the market. Generally, people think why they should afford for paid application when they get the same features in the free version? So, to make a stand in the market try to offer both attractive free version and extensive features in the paid version.

There is no certain rule book for successful applications but to withstand in a high competition market where your application has prominent features. Since the mobile landscape is developing all the time, the craze for the mobile app development process is evolving and getting better every day. Implement these characteristics in your mobile apps to create an app that tops the charts.

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