Undervalued Factors that Guarantee Phenomenal Success for Mobile Applications

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We know how Mobile Application Development is that important in the entire IT domain.

As an entrepreneur aspiring to get a mobile app for yourself, your dream is no doubt to outrank all your contemporaries in the App Store.

Now, all types of enterprises are overwhelming the App stores with their own apps. But sadly the success ratio is very low. The main reason for the failure of several ambitious mobile apps is because of the lack of dedication involved in understanding both the user demands and the fundamental app marketing techniques as well.

With that in mind lets discuss which are some overlooked factors that guarantee huge success for every mobile application.


(i) App Icon:

It is the first thing that a prospective user sees in a mobile app and thereby it creates the first impression as well. Some good apps ended up futile at the very last moment all because of an appalling app icon.

To get a good ROI for your app begin the work by designing a stunning app icon. Thereby do pay equal importance for your app icon like you do for your app’s functionalities.


(ii) The Description of your App:

A vague and substandard description for your app can also cause equal damage to the chances of your app becoming a massive success. Ensure that your app description contains only original content that very well defines everything about your app’s features and functionalities. In this way, your app download rates increase tenfold.


(iii) The Size of your App:

Even though your app comes packed with ultra cool features, it will be deemed a failure if the app-navigation is very poor.

A big sized app can carry out seamless functionalities and thereby the entire navigation is also streamlined.


(iv) Reviews and Ratings:

Pay attention to your user reviews if you want to increase the user-friendliness and the productivity of your mobile app.

The biggest names in the Mobile App world surprisingly did not have a great beginning when their apps were launched. They became successful only by gathering all the user based reviews and then using that info to enhance their apps.

This is why you as an entrepreneur should pay attention to accumulating all user-based reviews to build the ultimate app in terms of perfection.


(v) Marketing your app:

Merely developing a state-of-the-art app that defines the best in terms of productivity and usability isn’t enough. There is also the important factor called Marketing.

Ensure that you have a budget to carry out Press Releases, Paid Banner Ads and all other types of Marketing so that you can get the best out of your mobile application.

Like how every brand-new thing needs an initial marketing boost, the same applies to new mobile applications as well. This ultimately ensures to get greater downloads for your app.


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As a Mobile App Dev Company based in Toronto, Pyramidion Solutions has the needed skill set and expertise to ascertain that your vision of a robust mobile app is definitely an outstanding success.

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