Understanding Why React Native is the Future in Mobile App Development

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Enterprises all across the world are feverish in their work to enhance the user experience via mobile applications and also to make them compatible on all mobile devices including platforms too. This can be made effective via manipulating the potential of cross-platform frameworks and specifically React Native.


An intro about React Native:

This is a framework that manipulates JavaScript to create mobile applications. It has everything to guarantee that the Android and iOS platforms are enriched with a native look.

Speaking more about React Native it is Strait laced implying that the languages including the likes of Objective-C and such feature powerful syntax structure to immediately identify errors and streamline the development work. Another point to be noted is that it gives complete access to the APIs. Every update and operation is done instantly requiring no intervention.


Why Developers are opting for React Native:

The primary aim of app developers is to carry out effective development work and thereby create powerful mobile apps. Whats more React Native was originally developed with regards to iOS only but now it has branched out to support Android OS as well. Thereby a mobile app can be created for both the OS with the same UI. App Developer also sees the power in React Native as an effective means to carry out cross-platform app development with importance to more powerful security and privacy features.


Major Benefits:


Cross-Platform development

Seeing what we mentioned earlier that despite developed only with iOS in mind it is now effective for the Android OS as well. Thereby the expenditures related to the development work is cut down considerably.

Greater Performance

Wielding the power of 60 frames/sec in operation and also by offering a native look, the updates can be done instantly via OTA mechanism and everything related to that is accomplished without hassles. The era of manually updating done in the app stores for the native mobile applications is over. The performance is great even in previous versions of the OS


The same JavaScript code can be used for all platforms to deliver the rich performance as envisioned via Mobile Apps built using React Native Framework.

Third-party compatibility

The framework features the simplicity to make the plugin with a native module. There is no need to depend on Web View and the such for this.

Live Updates

Updates to apps are made without having to interface with the App stores for this purpose.



As time progresses so is the demand for React Native with regards to developing exceptionally well performing cross-platform mobile applications

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