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The Ultimate Guide to Ensure A Successful App Launch

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If you want to ensure astounding success for your Mobile app in the present market that is already overflowing with millions of competitors, then all that is needed is 100% commitment. You would have invested both time and money to make it a success so it is imperative to make sure that the app launch is also successful as well.

This article will tell you how exactly you can accomplish that by sharing some tips

(i)Trying to appease everyone:

It is typical that you want your app to attain some sort of cult status. Before developing the app you would have conducted a vast research understanding your target audience base along with its inclinations. You would try to cram all the features into the first version of the app so as to please your audience base and thereby a lot of expenditure is incurred.

Refrain from doing everything in the first attempt itself as this will surely end up futile for you. Keep everything simple for the very first time and then collect user feedback to make the necessary enhancements.

(ii)Rigorous Testing:

It is typical that once the development work for an app is finished, it is tested prior to release. Apart from the app development team who will handle this work. you should also assign some of your friends or beta testers to carry out the testing. This way a wider audience can identify and input their bug/ issue findings to you.

You do understand the importance of User Experience in an app. If you don’t ascertain your app to function well enough, then that spells the doom for the dream of your app to be successful. In some cases when the entire work is almost about to be finished, you will be sorely tempted to release the app.

Losing control in this scenario will ensure failure for sure.

(iii)The problem associated with dilution:

There are more App stores apart from the big guns (iOS and Android). Your aim is to feature your app on every one of the App stores. But for a start, focus completely on a single App Store when it comes to launching as you can definitely streamline everything to ensure that your Ap rankings skyrocket. After gaining the needed visibility give your attention to all the other App Stores.

If you simultaneously concentrate your work on all the existing App Stores then your app ranking will be severely impacted.

A note here is that make sure that your app is compatible on both the Apple App store and the Google Play Store as well.

(iv) Wielding the power of Social Media carefully:

When an app is launched, the people usually don’t implement social media marketing for their app without foresight. You cant share posts for your app and expect more than 100,000 downloads registered the very next day. They carry the marketing work with dedication in the first week and then lose hope if things are not shaping up according to what they envisioned. It won’t happen overnight and will definitely need a lot of patience to achieve your dreams.

Ensure that on a regular basis you are posting content that is really that good via means of social media channels. Then ascertain to touch base with those who responded back to your posts. Leverage the power of cross-promotion and in case of any negative comments, respond back with a positive aura that very well shows that you have understood everything.

(v) Careful usage of Paid Advertising:

Irrespective of what enterprise you are, it is futile to carry out paid advertising if no one even knows who you are.

Thereby implement some cheap or even free promotional branding strategies at first. Once these marketing techniques have picked up the pace with respect to success, implementing paid advertising and other such techniques at that exact moment can yield even greater success for sure. Soon your app will be in an even greater limelight for sure.

(vi) Always being prepared:

Always ensure the fact that you have collected every relevant content and stuff before app launch. Not paying attention to this advice will surely create difficulties for your marketing ventures. Do the research and collect the stuff when the app development work is being carried out.

Collect and prepare relevant things like Blogs, Newsletters, Social media posts, App related descriptions/ details, App critics etc.

(vii) Tip-Toeing:

If we take the scenario where you are a novice when it comes to marketing, refrain at all costs from catering just to a given type of user. Stop using just a single primary keyword with respect to branding as you are committing a major blunder by restricting your vast user base for sure. Thereby stop being choosy and accumulate more users.


Simply implementing all the aforementioned tips alone won’t ensure a successful app launch. You have to do it cleverly as well. Despite the concept of app launch seemingly being a daunting task, if you stay cool and wisely implement everything mentioned in this article, your dreams of success for your app will be a piece of cake for sure.

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