Uber’s Ventures To Appease Its Driver Partners

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Uber has been in the center of attention and limelight for quite some time related to the uprising and complaints about metered taxis all the way to its UberEATS venture which has been rolled out in Durban. The current most ventures as adopted by Uber is related to enhancing and satiating the driver base.


Launched exactly at the end of the last month were several features related to Uber Driver App. This venture serves effectively in what the ride-hailing giant reportedly notes that the driver partners from the South African country can now with less effort and difficulty select as to when they want and where they prefer to ride and also how they prefer to ride as well.


Alon Lits who is the GM for Uber’s sub-Saharan area noted that the ride-hailing giant had researched the data assimilated from over the previous months and it is all set to listen to what the mammoth driver base of over 12,000 driver-partners have proposed and desired related to manipulation of the Uber app.

He noted that the feedback which was inputted was overwhelming and in great influx related to what they prefer and desire to be implemented.


The reviews served effectively in integrating the Uber Driver app with four specific features.


Arrival destination and time

The primary integration permits the driver base to schedule an arrival time related to the final destination and this will help the Uber app to notify them as to when they have to wind up their shift.

With the arrival time approaching and getting much closer, Uber app will associate the driver with another fare related to a similar course.

As per what Uber had to say, it features more room for flexibility and also permits the driver base to get additional revenue by manipulating Uber accordingly.



Long trip notification

The feature’s title itself details what it does. It will notify the driver base in the event the rides which they agreed to take on had lasted for more than 45 minutes. This serves effectively in safeguarding the trips associated between Cape Town and Durban with Bloemfontein being in the middle.



“No thanks” button

Featured as another captivating feature, the Uber ‘s driver app can now permit the driver base to reject any trip if they decide to do so. Typically the driver base can manipulate the app to accept a new trip request or wait until the timeframe related to the request expires. But now thanks to the new feature, the driver base is free to reject any trip immediately as based on what the brand had to say.

Added by Uber, this “No thanks” button feature will serve to appease the rider base as well as they will be associated with another driver immediately



Uberdoo is known for developing an effective Uber clone app which is vital for any on-demand service business to thrive well and the product it has developed as served to appease a wide range of people


Rating protection

Last but not the least, Uber prefers to shield the driver base from negative remarks and ratings. There are some events where the rider base will give a bad rating for any situation which stemmed to be beyond the control of the driver and is not related to them, for example like a problem or bug in the Uber App.

Hereafter, such ratings won’t be associated with being detrimental to the overall driver’s rating.


Uber noted that similar to riders, the driver-partners are also valued and associated with as customers with the brand. In order to ascertain and appease them, the steps have been taken for the Uber app to be best suitable with regards to usage as a primary goal. Lits noted that the rollout of all the brand new features serves effectively in to create a bonding between the ride-hailing giant and the driver-partners where the latter is an important constituent which serves to enhance, strengthen and augment the future of Uber by partnering with it. Overall the brand is busy in innovatively developing changes which serve to be effective and enhance the overall user experience when associated with Uber.


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