Uber’s London License Appeal Case Will Continue For Years

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Uber, faced another futile outcome where its appeal related to renewing its operating license in the city of London could well be associated with years to be sorted out and verdict to be reached. This was based on what the mayor of London had to say.

Sadiq Khan noted that the step taken by Uber against the resolution made by the Transport for London body which denied Uber to continue its operations in the city might extend on for several years before an adjudication is reached in favor of the ride-hailing giant.


This September, the Tfl body noted that Uber was not suitable with regards to maintaining and managing its taxi service in London and it outright declined the brand with regards to its license renewal.

Uber on its part wanted to resolve things and sort out the mess as soon as possible as stated earlier.

When Mr. Khan was questioned regarding the duration of how long the appeal process could go, his perception was that it will take several years to before getting a verdict. This question was posted at a monthly question session.


The main issues which made the Transport for London body to deny the license related to the way it managed and processed background verifications on drivers. Next associated with the rejection was the presence of several serious criminal offenses as linked with the ride-hailing giant.

Uber app has been manipulated by 3.5 million passengers and over 40,000 drivers in the Alpha City.

Although Uber’s operating license ceased last month, the driver base can continue their service by providing rides in London in the meantime as the appeal process goes on.


Related to this a spokesman for Uber noted that the brand is involved incessantly in discussions with the Transport Board of London so that an agreement can be obtained despite the fact that the brand had filed its appeal


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